Full Loft Bed

It's not easy to find a Full Loft Bed that can be easily dismounted so that you can get it into your roof space or basement and quickly re-assemble it in awkward spaces.

Our loft bed plan solves this problem and give you a quality piece of furniture with sleek lines that will stand the test of time and trends.

It's difficult to get a shop bought bed up into your attic and the truth is that this design allows for a much more generous size.

This full loft bed plan gives a finished size of 1.80m (5ft 78 inches) wide x 1.84m (6 foot 1/2 inch) long.

BUT - Because it is also difficult to get a full size double bed mattress up into your loft...

This plan has been especially made so that two seperate mattresses measuring 90 x 184 - fit snugly into the frame side by side - making a king sized slumber haven, and of course you could adapt to two bigger mattresses as long as you can get them into your loft.

We have five articles (see below) full of photographs and illustrations together with how-to descriptions to help you make your own full loft bed - and this article is going to concentrate on putting all the pieces together and actually making the bed.

Full Loft Bed - Base Construction

full loft bed plan

Here we are putting together the top, bottom and two side pieces that form the basic frame of our loft bed. The piece of wood in the center is the middle beam which slots into supports at either end.

With the right measurements and connecting hardware this full size loft bed is assembled in minutes.

As you can see we have used pine and varnished the wood, you could use a semi opaque paint which would lighten the color of the frame while still allowing you to see the grain of the wood.

Painting the frame white of creme to match the surroundings of its designated bedroom would also give pleasing results.

Full Loft Bed - Base Connections

loft bed frame

here you can clearly see the hardware connecting the end frame and the side frame of the full loft bed construction.

You can also see the leg which is attached to the end frame and the horizontal batten which is screwed on at mid point - nearly the full length of the side frame...

This is what the bed boards actually rest on at either side of the full loft bed frame. We always put one small nail in through the bed board and into the batten to secure the board in place at each end.

Full Loft Bed - Lining up the Boards

full loft bed boards

Now the frame is up and ready - so it's time to lay the bed boards to complete the full loft bed frame structure.

You will find full explanations and measurements in our "Free Loft Bed Plan" article (link below)

There are two specially prepared bed boards and 8 simple ones. Basically they are just laid on top of the frame resting on the battens on either side then nailed to secure them in place.

Full Loft Bed - Laying the Boards

laying loft bed boards

Laying the boards is quick and easy. Start with the specially shaped top and bottom boards as these fit flush against the top and bottom frame and around the loft bed legs.

Notice how the boards span the width of the bed frame from batten to batten and rest comfortable on the middle bed frame beam.

The other bed boards can then be placed in position but... don't nail them down though until you make sure that you leave an equal distance between each board of about 1 - 1 1/2 cms

Full Loft Bed - The Completed Bed Frame

loft bed plan completed

As you can see our full loft bed is looking good - we are all ready to place the two twin mattresses on top that make it king sized.

All that's left is to make the bed and get ready for one of the most comfortable nights sleep possible in this ultimate full loft bed construction.

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