Free Wood Deck Plan

This free wood deck plan is especially for a diamond weave deck board pattern, take a look at our illustrations to see the really stunning effect that this design can bring to your home.

This plan calls for the use of more wood than the more conventional perpendicular deck and will take more time to cut and lay the decking boards - but the finishing results are worth it in creating a beautifully crafted personalized deck design.

As you will be cutting and preparing many decking boards to fit - it is important to have a quality wood sealant ready to make sure that all raw ends are protected.

Power tools like a "power miter box" will make the cutting of the boards at the right angle quick and easy, this is a power tool that can usually be hired from a tool rental center or bought at a home improvement store.

deck design pattern

Here is how this free wood deck plan works out in an eye catching pattern from the double center joists.

This is perhaps the best looking pattern considering that the adaptations required in the base frame are the easiest to impliment.

Many other deck design patterns require the placing of a lot of additional blocking (otherwise known as noggins) and more double joists and mid beams so that each off-cut of wood has a beam or joist to be screwed into, if you are undecided . take a look here at more Deck Design Patterns to help you choose the plan best suited to your home and your deck building experience.

If you have a basic understanding of building a deck with horizontal decking boards on top of vertical joists our deck picture will help you understand that simply by doubling the centeral vertical joist and including a central double horizontal joist - you have provided adequate support to screw your diamond weave deck board pattern down onto the frame...

This is a plan for a Corner Post Deck frame with center double joists.

free wood deck plan

This plan requires 6 concrete footings as post holes in total - 3 and 3, supporting a double central horizontal beam.

This not only makes for a very strong, solid base structure but also allows ample surface to screw your decking boards down onto.

This center beam of this free wood deck plan does require double the amount of joist hangers as your joists will be from Ledger to mid beam and from the mid beam to the double end beam. The use of shorter joists will also add strength to the structure.

As this is a corner post deck we have included a attached double end beam - with the inner beam of the two being smaller so that the outer joist can meet to make a smooth, neat corner - which can clearly be seen on the third illustration of our other article regarding free wood deck plan- it's available for you if you go from free wood deck plan to Indepth Free Deck Plan information

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