Free Pergola Plan

Here is your free pergola plan with two different building options for an attached pergola construction that would be ideal over a deck or patio area.

An attached pergola requires a method of anchoring the build to the wall of your home and outer posts to balance this beautiful level roofed mediteranean inspired shade shelter.

Once you have all the information and permissions available to you from your local building office you can start to adapt our free pergola plan - if necessary - to comply to the local building codes for your area.

Each free pergola design provides the expected shelter but the look is completely different, this is because in the first the beams run perpendicular to the house and in the second they are parallel.

This changes the look of the pergola and the direction in which you lay your rafters and any subsequent pergola battens or louvers.

Whichever garden structure you decide to build may well depend on the hardware that is available to you locally, and the choices you make... if you want to use a mounting bracket for a wall joist, joist hangers and framing brackets or not.

Free Pergola Plan 1

free pergola plan 1 for an attached pergola

Here you can see the basic plan before and after the roof rafters have been placed.

This method uses two wall brackets that are firmly attached to the wall of your home and into which the beams rest and are secured perpendicular to the wall of your home.

It is very important at this stage to make sure that the wall brackets and both outer posts are at the same height. The position of the wall brackets may need to be adjusted acordingly.

Both beams rest on securely and squarely positioned posts, if you are not sure how to prepare pergola post footings and measure for square see our article on How to Build a Pergola - measuring out

If you want more post and beam attachement options take a look at this article on Building a Pergola - posts and beams

Building Pergola Tips

  • Keep in mind when building a pergola that cement footings take about 3 days to really harden - unless you use good quality specialist quick-dry cement.

  • You can really personalize your pergola building plan by the way you trim the outer edge of your beam and even your rafters.

  • Pre-drill wood with a smaller drill bit to help prevent the wood from splitting.

  • Have a quality sealant handy to seal cut ends as you go along.

It is vital that the beams are level and they need to be checked with a spirit level and corrected by repositioning the wall brackets if necessary before you can start to place rafters.

There are other methods of covering a pergola, in this free pergola plan we have used simple rafters. If you want more sunlight to filter through your pergola roof you can use less rafters than shown here.

Alternatively you could create more shade by placing trellis or lattice and securing them above the rafters (with an outer wood trim for a neater finish) - especially great for climbing plants.

Free Pergola Plan 2

free pergola plan with parallel beam

Again here you can see the construction in progress and after the rafters and battens have been added. The simplicity of the design is a wonderful part of building a pergola.

Beams parellel to your home give a really nice look and frame to a Pergola build. Again it is vital to your build that everything has been measured out square and that the posts are cemented in square to the house wall and are even in height.

This design requires you to install a beam to the wall of your house. The height of this beam will depend on how you want to secure the rafters:

Pergola Joist connections

  • Figure 2: You could raise the height of this beam so that the rafters are attached to the side of the beam by using joist hangers instead of resting on top.

    This means that the corresponding height of your two posts and outer beam will be lower than the beam attached to the wall of your home - by the same thickness as the rafters - so that the rafters provide a level roof for your free pergola plan.

  • Figure 1: You could leave your house beam the same level as your outer beam and use framing brackets to fasten your rafters at both ends to each beams.

    This method often provides a neater finish as you can see less hardware than when using a joist hanger.

Again, the amount of rafters you use when adapting this free pergola plan depends on the amount of shade you want of how much support you want to give to climbing plants that want to go up and over your pergola roof to great effect.

We have added battens to combine the rafters and give a more complete finish. You could use less rafters and more battens to get the same amount of shade.

As an alternative - properly spaced and placed roof battens also provide a good basis on which to secure lattice or trellis onto your free pergola plan roof.


As you can see, the main components for a successful pergola plan is the method of build you choose to adopt and ALWAYS - carefully measured positioning of your pergola posts and beams - the rest really depends on your own personal preference.

As you cut beams, rafters and battens to size - seal all of the ends immediately before mounting each piece - this will help ensure longer life of your timber and at the same time - of your free pergola plan.

We hope that our free pergola plan has given you plenty of ideas to go ahead with your own pergola design.

For more Pregola building information please read the following articles which deal with measuring for square, digging pergola post holes, choosing your timber, shaping your beams and rafters, pergola roof options and ideas for finishing off and personalizing your pergola...

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