Free Pergola Design

Individualize your pergola with our free pergola design ideas.

  • Discover ideas for shaping your beams and rafters.

  • Find out different ways you can cover your pergola for varying degrees of shade and style.

  • When Building a Pergola decide how much privacy or shelter from the sun or wind you want for the sides of your pergola and to provide a beautiful climbing frame for your plants.

This article is ideally used in conjuction with our other articles on how to prepare for and how to build a pergola with our free pergola plans. (all links below)

Free Pergola Design:
Shaping the Beams and Rafters

Although you may decide to build a pergola where the beams and rafters have straight edges, this article will show you that you can choose to personalize your design and shape all ends of beams and even rafters that face away from the house.

The ends of beams are traditionally shaped upwards and the effect is seen from below - many variations of design have developed over the years, although you could develop your own.

Make sure that you place each rafters square to the beam - and at an equal distance apart - however many you choose for your pergola design.

pergola beam design options

Here you can see examples from out free pergola design of different beam finishings from straight edge beams to fancy designs. It all depends on how much time you want to spend building your pergola and what tools you have available to help speed up shaping the ends.

You may also decide to give the ends of your beams a distictive design but leave your rafters with plain edges.

The easier designs as shown in the first row - are however straight forward cuts that are quick and easy to do and are effective on both beams and rafters. What is important is that all cut ends are then sealed to protect the wood from decay and insects.

Building a Pergola - attaching posts & beams

Most common questions in pergola construction are how to dig post holes and how to fix the posts and beams...

Here is an article on different construction options for attaching a single beam to a notched post or two beams to a post - you can read more here at Building a Pergola - fixing Post and Beam

Free Pergola Design:
Pergola Roof Options

free pergola design roof options

Many people prefer a pergola roof with very few rafters to leave open views to the sky. Doubling and tripling the amount of rafters gives more shade and a better frame for climbing plants.

There is no better cover for vines, honeysuckle and roses than placing trellis or lattice up the sides and on the top of a pergola for a real garden room effect, bringing nature to your outdoor living space.

These types of fuller covers are usually mounted onto battens which are secured on top of the rafters - laying in the opposite direction to the rafters and connecting them.

The best effect is then gained by giving the trellis or lattice an outer wood trim for a neater finish.

Pre-drilling homes with a smaller drill bit will help prevent the wood from spliting when it comes to driving the scews home. This is especially important when working with finer wood strips like battens and more delicate pieces like trellis.

Free Pergola Design:
Enclosing the Sides

There are many advantages to closing at least one side of your Free Pergola Design, softening the edges with a partial trellis, or even add small wings around the pergola posts.

pergola design and trellis ideas

Trellis at one end of your deck and pergola defines this very special space and gives it privacy. Troughs of plants growing up the trellis can help reduce the effects of wind and provide more shade from the sun.

A Lattice wall covered in flowers gives a great backdrop to your outdoor family gatherings and for entertaining friends on your deck and under your pergola design.

A partial lattice wall gives privacy while still allowing access. Trellis and lattice are very flexible and adaptable to use and are very suitable to be used to finish a pergola design - they really allow you to individualize your free pergola designs to the needs of your home.

Personalizing your pergola design means going that much further towards creating a special space where you and your family want to gather and spend time together - enjoy these free pergola design ideas.

pergola lattice

We hope that our Free Pergola Design ideas article has helped you to decide on your design options...

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