Floor Material Options

Choosing a Floor Covering for your Home Improvement Project

Great flooring can sell a home just as much as a great kitchen, discover Floor Material Options to help you choose and make the most of your floor covering investment.

Although natural wood is so much in fashion - the material you choose should go with your home and consider the needs of your family and your lifestyle - you may be looking for a surface with traction to provide a non-slip floor for children or a solid floor to ensure ease of movement for wheelchair access.

Carpeting is ideal for homes in colder climates and is also safer for children running around on and generally speaking older folks prefer it for comfort - but carpets do need constant cleaning and the current trend is for a home without carpets.

Of course not all carpets are the same - a high pile carpet gives a luxurious feel and effect while a low pile carpet is easier to move on.

Floor Tile

Ceramic floor tiles are a great floor material for kitchens, bathrooms and the hallway to your home - many southern homes are tiled right through from front door to back using natural stone tiles, terra cota tiles, floor grade glazed tiles, porcelain tiles and even lower cost quarry tiles.

Tiling can also give your home and your floor a lightness and brightness that you just can't get with any other solid material - with white and off-white tones and the option of creating your own unique floor pattern with stronger colored tiles - as long as you choose only floor tiles and don't pick up wall tiles by mistake.

Read our article about Why Ceramic Floor Tile is Right for You

Hardwood Floor

With the natural look very much the mode, wooden floors are all the rage and many older homes still have original wooden floors. Refinishing hardwood floors is one of the busiest home improvement and financing projects of the year.

Wood floor installations are not only popular in country homes... because it is a durable and resiliant floor material that stands up to busy households as well as having warm and inviting tones - it is being adopted by people in urban and rural areas all over the world.

This causes problems for non-replenished forests that provide exotic hardwoods, the best timber suppliers now refuse to work with these unnamed hardwoods - if you are looking for something that you can't find in the store - try a reclamation yard as a valuable source for older reclaimed timber.

wooden floors in an apartment can be a nightmare without a proper sound insulation, a sub floor and a rubber membrane - even then you would be taking a chance.

Laminate Floor

There are so many different ways that you can put wooden floor material into your home. Solid wooden planks are getting a lot of competition from slot together wood laminate flooring and this type of floor material is not only more economical to buy but also makes for a feasable 'do it yourself' project.

Not many people seem to know this but... laminate floors, and especially plastic laminate floor materials, don't like moisture or water and as a subsequent just don't perform so well in bathrooms.

- if this type of flooring gets really wet and then dry on a regular basis - it is going to keep expanding with the moisture and extracting again when they dry - with the result that they are eventually going to start to buckle - or at the very least the upper photo image layer of the plastic laminate will be effected.

There are different types of laminates and there are special installation techniques for wood laminates to make them more suitable for bathroom flooring.

This laminate floor review of materials will give you more information about your Laminate Floor Options

Vinyl Floor

The resilience of vinyl flooring is usually the answer for any room which may endure extremes of moisture like the bathroom or kitchen.

Because a vinyl floor is fairly easy to lay whether you decide to go with vinyl tile flooring or vinyl sheet flooring, it is a favourite floor material for do-it-yourself projects, although the best non-porous surface is achieved with sheet vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring doesn't look like it used to - often it looks like real tiles and the new wide variations of colors and patterns available make this floor material a very attractive choice.

Linoleum is also making a big comeback - keep an eye out for all the modern floor material designs that you can really live with!.

One of the most important differences between vinyl flooring and linoleum flooring is that while vinyl is a synthetic material - linileum is made of totally natural materials.

Bamboo Floor

Bamboo is a natural material which doesn't have the same forestry problems as natural hardwood. Bamboo is easy to grow and actually grows quite quickly. There is so much that can be made from bamboo - including a light toned and attractive floor material.

Our tip is that bamboo flooring is one of the hottest floor material of choice for this year and for the future!, from woven bamboo to bamboo floor moldings.

Rubber Floor

One of the great things about rubber flooring is that it is really comfortable to walk on - rubber flooring comes in a matte or brilliant finish - the advantages of a brilliant finish - even with black rubber flooring - is that it reflects light around the room.

The disadvantages of rubber flooring - epecially if a solid color is chosen - is that it will show scratches and marks that are difficult to remove or refinish - rubber flooring may give you a unique look but not the long term investment you hoped for.

Choosing Floor Material

Choose floor material wisely to reflect and enhance the beauty of your home. Choose a Floor Material that will be resilient and long lasting enough to both match your families needs and maintain your home improvement investment.

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