Fireplace Design & Investment

A Fireplace Design offers such heat and warmth and comfort as a focal point to any home in the living room, family room, dining room, bedroom and study and is a great home improvement remodeling project.

It's surprising then to reflect than many wonderful authentic fireplace antiques were ripped out of homes during the sixties and seventies when old went out - in favour of the new look.

fireplace design and style options picture

The revival of fireplace design replacements has long put a strain on reclamation yard resources and those that are available are relatively expensive - so much so that many new fireplace designs, both modern and period have emerged to satisfy the different needs and styles of present day living.

Whatever you call the "look" of your home, be it contemporary, country, colonian, victorian, southwestern, traditional or just plain modern... you can now find the right fireplace design, fire stove or fire insert to compliment your interior design.

And one of the most important factors in buying a new fireplace is that they are far more energy efficient and safer to use as they have to pass stringent ICC fireplace design codes to make sure that are up to standard and also meet the environmental clean air standards with a EPA certificate.

In fact making a fireplace investment now should give you one of the best long term investment returns as a home improvement and financing project, because of the savings you should make on a new and well maintained heating system as well as the reassuring comfort and warmth of glowing embers and logs to come home to.

Apart from the savings on investment through use - an electrical fireplace design, stove or instert that is plugged in can also be easily taken with you if you should decide to move.

Fireplace Design Fuel Options

Deciding which type of fireplace design to invest in is the easiest part, this is usually dictated to the type of fuel supply available locally to supply your home, be it gas, electricity or wood.

Of course there are benefits to all three systems, electrical fireplace designs are super easy to install being plug in and go, new natural gas units are praised for their cleanliness and nothing can beat a natural wood burner, especially if you have your own forest.

The difficulty comes in choosing which actual fireplace design style will best suite the look of your home, but then you don't have to limit youself to one style if you are buying for the whole house.

Alarge country home could benefit from a fireplace in the formal living room and a stove in the family room... and nothing looks quite so sophisticated as a fireplace insert in the bedroom.

Inserts are particularly effective in smaller apartments as they don't take up any valuable floor space - and they are undoubtedly the perfect choice for modern surroundings.

The Fireplace Design - Fireplace

There is nothing quite like a traditional fireplace design, piles with blazing logs and with fire-dogs or andirons of brass or black iron.

A fireplace design is suitable for mansions and cottages alike, is great to sit beside in your armchair, to hang your christmas stockings on the mantel and of course is much loved by the family pet.

intricate marble fireplace design picture

The attractiveness of a fireplace largely depends on it's proportions. To look well it should always be wider than high and deep enough to ensure that the smoke goes up the chimney and not into your room.

If tiles are used to frame your fireplace design, a dull or rough finish is better than using shiny enamelled tiles. Well designed marble mantels are always desirable.

If you are having a fireplace built make sure that your contractor is adhering to the most recent ICC Fireplace code for construction and materials.

With a Fireplace Design your options are:

  • Renovating an existing brick fireplace or...
  • making use of the existing firebox dimensions

A new fireplace design bought for it's size as well as design can be fitted into your existing firebox dimensions and plugged in or connected to your gas - to look like the real thing.

Alternatively a fireplace Insert can be placed over the opening of an existing fireplace effectively sealing the opening and stopping down-drafts... especially if professionally fitted.

classic period fireplace picture

No-one new how to build an impressive fireplace quite like the victorians, the black and white pictures here were taken nearly 100 years ago.

Traditional coal fires were dressed with broad grates as well as reproductions opf colonian grates, which are small and swung high between brass uprights, framing the fireplace, with an ash drawer, the front of which was brass...

Let the fireplace design be the center of attraction in your room and draw about it comfortable chairs and sofas - make it easy to enjoy its hospitable blaze.

The Fireplace Stove

The great revival of the "stove" means that they are now available for wood, using with gas and electric, many may remember the portable open fireplaces known as "Franklin stoves".

In more modern versions wide view doors are popular to see the glowing ember with heat or without.

Stoves now come in all sizes with wider 2 door versions for larger homes and narrow single door designs for apartments and they fit well into the center of a room or make clever use of a corner position.

country and modern fireplace stove pictures

If you need to connect a steel stove pipe - depending on the type of fuel you are going to use - the positioning of this to comply with your local building code may well dictate where you can locate your stove. Many stove burn both wood and solid fuel.

Modern stoves don't have to bring to your home the country farmhouse look - as you can see in our illustration - ultra modern stoves are now available with sleek lines that have more of the look of a television set. Slim line stoves are ideal heating additions for mobile homes.

Please remember that it is important that a stove or any wood burning fireplace be placed on a large enough - properly approved - non flammable surface - ideally tile but also perhaps glass or steel for the more modern look.

Black or dark granite grey are the traditional colors of cast iron stoves, but there are some beautiful dark rich red and deep blue stoves available. The 'off white' or 'nearly white' stoves are also very attractive and help keep a room bright but they will need more cleaning.

The Fireplace Insert

Inserts lend themselves especially to apartments because you can gain maximum effect while losing minimum floor space. The insert we used in our first illustration is of a very modern hole in the wall space with gas fire flames elegantly dancing above the surface of a ceramic bowl.

Of course inserts are available in many different sizes, colors and finishes to blend with the style you have created and the wonderful thing about these designs is that they don't require a chimney.

Fireplace Inserts don't have to be abstract, you can find full sized fireplace design inserts that fill the space of an old fireplace and in giving it a "new front" give in a new look with a more efficient system.

Creating your own Fireplace Design

There are so many different fireplace design styles and types which you can match with you own choice of fireplace mantel to create a really unique look for your home - as long as your make sure that your investment meets industry standards.

What you will want to budget for in your fireplace design investment plan is a high temperature cut off switch for comfort and safety, a remote control for activation and a variable heat thermostat.

On some models you can change the intensity of the glowing embers with your remote control and how quickly the flames flicker - and of course on most you can have the look of the fire without the heat.

What is wonderful is that you can now also invest in the sound of a real fireplace design with the hum and crackle of real burning logs. Enjoy your fireplace design.

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