Finding the Right Grant

by Joann

Finding the right grant graphic

Finding the right grant graphic

Finding the Right Grant isn't easy especially when what you are looking for doesnt exist - the following letter was written by Joann from Florida.

I hope that it will help inspire those dishing out available funds allocated for grants to consider setting up a grant that would help homeowners in need to stay longer in their own homes by updating their homes to current requirements.

Weatherization is one very good step but more is needed to help homeowners remain independant.

"I am a 51 years old divorce woman try to find the right loan.

I'm legaling blind and I only received Social Security.

Last summer I used all my saving to get a new roof because I had three leaks.

Now my septic tank is going out, plus other repairs that need to be done. Come to find out that this septic tank is the original tank.

When they added two more bathroom to the house they never up grade the septic tank. Also FHA should not have approved this house.

I was a first time buyer. I am down to one bathroom that is working. I need to upgrade the septic tank, and I need a grant that is right for me. I don't want to be taken for a fool like FHA did to me.

Also I cannot pay the grant back, but I can live in my house for as long as I have to. Can you help find the grant?"

Joann is one of many homeowners in Florida and throughout the country that really could make very good use of the right kind of grant that would help them stay in their own home.

If you hear of anything new or have had experiences that mean your story may help others in finding the right help we would love to hear from you.

Just go from finding the right grant to... Government Grant for Home Improvement where you can write your message and have your say.

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Jul 31, 2011
Are All Online Grants scams?
by: Anonymous

Hi! For over the past two years I've been looking for grants online specifically for school financing. Every time I search for grants online it takes me to a a page where in order to get the grant I have to charge some amount of money to a credit card. At most of those times, I didn't have a credit card to continue with getting the grant but what really turns the situation over is the website's take you to a page later explaining you're ordering a grant kit instead of the actual grant. What I want to know is does anyone know of any "legit" grant sites? No scams, no difficulties in obtaining them as well. I am in desperate need for a grant for I am a new homeowner and really need financial help improving my residence. I have no source of income, which is why LOANS are absolutely out of the question-- since I won't be able to pay it back. If anyone has knowledge about any good grant sites please respond to my comment.

Mar 08, 2010
Letter from Joann w septic Problems.
by: BudDud

To all readers, and to Joann in particular.
(A)A septic tank can be very old and still useable depending on the construction of it.
(B)The number of bathrooms added to a home is not the important facter, it is the number of people making use of them in the home on a daily basis.
(C) Where does the laundry, (gray water), empty into?
(D) Every region of the country is different. It depends on to the type soil that the the (black water),or(gray water),leaches into.
(E)The leaching field mentioned mentioned above, is most of the time, the problem when systems stop working properly.
I know a considerable ampont on this subject but not licenced.
I was involved in, soil testing, system design, installation and inspection of said subject.
I hope this small bit, helps someone, somehow.
Treasure Coast of Fl.
Formerly of SE NH
PS/ Try not to be to quick in blaming the FHA Person until you know all the facts as to what he found when he approved the loan. Also a "Grant"
Usually does not have to be paid back.

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