Entry Door Security

Improving Entry Door Security and presentation combine to form a very important home improvement project by protecting your family and your biggest asset - this article deals with the. 

  • The benefits of entrance door maintenance and your security options.
  • How to feel safer and more secure in your home.
  • Why a well presented entrance door can improve the value and safety of your home as well as add kerb appeal.

Replace Rotten Door Frames

If your Entry Door has seen better days it's likely that you need to change the frame as well. Depending on the age of your home the frame is probably a standard size - opening up a whole host of replacement options, the easiest being off-the-shelf door and frame sets.

Choose a strong, sturdy frame material and tone in keeping with the type of home you live in, if you choose an unpainted wooden frame make sure that the wood has been pre-treated so that it will be long lasting, if not treat it yourself before painting.

Don't use the same holes to secure your new frame if they are too open and worn. It's wise to dismount the old door and frame if you have to - to check if you need to do any repairs, i.e. re-pointing work in the stone or brick door frame surround, this will tell you beforehand if the actual project to replace your Entry Door will require more time.

Install Big Strong Doors

The frame of the actual door may be strong but if it narrows to a fancy thin central panel, it will be weak. Invest in solid and strong exterior doors as a security door to your home, look for at least 44mm - 46mm thickness ALL over.

It would take a long time and a lot more noise to work on a good solid door like that. Your front door is also the first impression, not only for your guests, but also for potential burglars - make sure that it represents solid home security.

If you are happy with glass in your front Door, there are some beautiful designs including stained glass, If you do choose a glass or half glass option - remember that you could fit Glass Break Detectors for extra security.

Replace Worn Door Hinges

There is a much wider choice of hinges available today, if you are replacing your entrance door with a new one it may well come with hinges, make sure that they are up to scratch. Again go for good strong hinges and use hinge bolts instread of just screws.

Deadlock your Entry Door

Add a good deadlock and not only will you sleep sounder, but your insurance provider is going to be happy and your insurance premiums may well go down. You could fit a five lever mortise deadlock, but what the heck, why not fit a seven lever with a cylinder rim lock while you are at it - for real home security.

Add Door Bolts to your Entry Door

Arrive home after a long day, close the door, deadlock it and push accross the door bolts, couldn't be simpler or much safer. Fit sturdy door bolts to the top and bottom of your entry door, giving great back-up to your strong deadlock.

Fit an Entry Door Chain

If you are going to fit a chain, and you really should because it's a great home security feature - don't go for a neat little chain that looks nice and comes with little screws that could be popped out. Get yourself something substantial with secure fittings for both the door side and the door frame side.

Peep Home the Entry Door

Installing a peep hole is quick and easy with the right tools, get one with a little cover so anyone trying to see in can't make out movement through light and shadow inside. If you want to be really ingenious, install a peep hole in the traditional place (that you won't use) and another at some other vantage point that you do use. Why would you do this?, well, firstly it lets you peep in private and secondly, because you can...

Install Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors are great home security for both windows and any door with glass in it. If you have smaller panes of glass in your entry door, concentrate on those panes which if broken would give easy access to the lock and door handle.

Entry Door Lighting

If something is bothering you outside your front door, there is nothing worse that not being able so see what is going on and worse still, anyone out there can probably clearly see you.

Regain the advantage by installing Entry Door Lighting. Motion sensitive lighting will let you know if someone is prowling around outside and the light coming on should make them think better.

Place your exterior entry door lighting well out of reach so that it would be difficult to tamper with and difficult to remove the light bulb. Make sure your lighting illuminates dark corners, don't leave anywhere to hide.

Get your Entry Door on the screen
- Install a Close Circuit T.V.

If you want to see what's going on outside your entry door from the comfort of your armchair then you need to install close circuit t.v. If you place a system outside both your front and back doors you will be able to see your own exterior, at any time on your own t.v.

Get the professionals or a qualified electrician in for the set-up and wiring and get a certificate of installation for your insurance.

Install rack bolts on Sliding Patio Doors

By installing mortise rack bolts at the top and bottom of your doors you will be helping prevent anyone from lifting the patio doors off their frame.

Secure Sliding Patio Doors

Still one of the best home security systems for sliding patio doors is a metal rod or a good strong piece of wood that fits the exact length of the empty rack of a closed patio door. This is something that I have used un a couple of different homes, there is nothing easier to install and if you have ever been locked out... you will know how effective this simple home security solution really is.

Install Sash Locks on French Windows

Add a seven lever sash lock on the inside of the door that opens first to help keep your french windows securely closed.

Hidden Keys for Entry Doors...

It's just not good home security in this day and age, there are only so many places and they are all known.

You would be better off leaving a spare key with a trusted family member.

Advertise your security measures

Professional security measures usually come with some form of advertising to put on the side of your home, preferably visibly near to your entry door.

These signs forewarn burglars that you have installed home security measures.

Security signs are a well know form of deterent.

Improve Entry Door Kerb Appeal

Improving the Kerb appeal of your home - especially leading up to your front entrance door has a two fold benefit.

Burglars will clearly be able to see that you care about your home. If so much care has been given to the general aspect of the front of your home, they will be sure that you have also applied the same care and due diligence to your entry door and general home security.

Improving the kerb appeal of your entry door will also be noticed by passers by as well as your guests and your insurance assessor when he comes to reassess your rates based on the extra home security measures that you have taken.

Having an attractive front garden and entrance will always affect first impressions of anyone visiting your home. Special care should be given to this area, especially if you decide to sell your home.


Secure Entry Door Installations CAN be both a strong and attractive entrance to your home.

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