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Don't move improve instead is what we at Home Improvement and Financing (HIAF) have been advocating online for many years and there are now even more reasons to stay put and both improve and/or extend the house we live in - are well settled in, love being in, the place we call home.

We have always been saying that it is possible to stay in the home and area that you love and stay near friends and family if you can just find a way to adjust your home sufficiently to meet your changing needs.

The home that you moved into years ago and in which perhaps your family has grown in, may have gone through many makeovers to keep it updated but if it ends up simply not meeting your developing demands regarding size then there is going to come a time when you know that something will have to be done.

Graphic of home showing dont move home improve instead

It can be a bit of a quandary when you have to decide whether you are going to have to upsticks and relocate or decide that dont move home improve instead would be your prefered option.

Dont Move Home Improve Instead
Why we need more space

Needing more space doesn't necessarily mean massive big rooms, especially as the current trend is for cosier smaller spaces - just as everyone has finished knocking two rooms into one for the flow... many are putting partition walls back up to create easier to heat and cool individual spaces, a reflection of homeowners aiming for more eco friendly living.

Green living habits supports this trend with home buyers being more interested in compact homes that have a smaller footprint but that still have the different rooms required to meet all their new modern home living needs, with an office, pantry etc...

One of the main reasons that families consider looking for a new home is often through lack of space because children are growing up and need their own bedroom or you want them to have a study room or family games room and develops the idea of dont move extend with a home addition.

Another reason is that more and more people are looking for ways to work from home and there is a growing demand for a home office that is actually a seperate room and not just a temporary set up of a desk in a bedroom or on the dining table in the corner of the lounge.

improve graphic showing cement mixer and sand

Often the home office is the spare bedroom which then needs a sofa bed if anyone should come to stay but the developing home office environment is never ideal for visitors is it - the modern ideal is a dedicated office space.

Another reason why homeowners are on the look out for something bigger is because of lack of space in the kitchen for those wanting a kitchen with an island and kitchen dining space and this can often be gained with a carefully planned home extension.

The dont move home improve instead solution is to expand your home up, out or even down - to give you and your family the space you need without having to pack the crates and move.

This where we call in the contractors, source the materials that fit our home and our budget and prepare ourselves for months of dust and upheavel while we create our dream home...

Dont Move Home Improve Instead
Why We Dont Want to Move

There are so many reasons not to move and it is not just the upheaval - its also the cost...

It's so easy to forget all the legal fees and relocation costs on top of the new house purchase but its quite disturbing how much it all costs.

There are different names for home buying costs in different countries, but basically they all cover the same important points that are set out to protect the buyer and the seller during your purchase and make a lot of money for professionals and governments in taxes at the same time!.

You have to pay for the professional services that you use to purchase a new home, because you need to make sure that it really belongs to the person that is selling it, that there are no hidden costs or rules attached to the building and what you can do with it in the future, that you have right of access for you and utility services and that the building is structurally sound.

Depending on where in the world you live and where you move to - you will hear terms like Title Search Fees, Stamp Duty Tax, Lawyer fees, Solicitors costs, inspection and appraisal fees, land registration fees, Structural Survey, the cost of the HIP Home Information Pack for UK homeowners, and don't forget the Estate Agents Fees, immediate costs like the cost of transfering utilities and a deposit on and reconnection of utilities.

Once you decide to pack everything up in your home over back breaking weeks of hard toil and have to make hard decisions on what to keep and what to give to charity - you then have the packing up costs, the boxes, the bubble wrap and other packing materials.

Moving trucks are expensive, how many would you need? and how about hiring labor to fill and empty the truck of all your worldly goods, and however good they are you should get insurance - and you might say... what is all this! dont move home improve instead is much easier (well, sometimes it is!).

Costs are only one side of the whole moving issue - you could elect Dont Move Home Improve Instead soley based on the long list of paperwork and contacting people and businesses and companies and government agencies involved - how many places are you registered at your present address! - and when you get there you need to find new contacts for banks, doctors, schools and hairdressers (OK, so some of this is part of the fun of moving... new horizons and all that!) Moving really is a hassle, but...

Dont Improve Move!

Perhaps you are aware of real opportunities in homes for sale near where you live or where you would like to live.

The recession has brought with it some very real home buying bargain opportunities like never before for those who are lucky enough to have already sold their property and are ready to put a low offer in on a new home.

Call the contractor to improve or pack the crates and move - which ever way we look at this question, one of the main reasons that we feel we have to move is because of the lack of space - not enough rooms, not now enough space to be comfortable in for modern home living and a real lack of potential for creating more space or even a home that is just too expensive to convert to energy efficient living.

If you are in one of these situations and the finances are on your side... you may have to turn down the Dont Move Home Improve Instead option, read this next article to get more ideas on the flip side of this major decision - if you should decide to Dont Improve Move instead.

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