Dont Improve Move

Dont Improve Move when the offers are just too good to turn down.

With a worldwide recession there are many bargain home sales to be found in just about every area, but its not quite as simple as that is it and this article explores pros and cons of looking for a new home during a financial crisis.

When is it right to move your home instead of improving and expanding the present one.

Normally it is thousands of dollars cheaper, depending on the scale of the remodeling, to improve than to move to a slightly bigger home in your area.

With inflated house prices that have steadily risen beyond all reason, especially over the last ten years many of us became used to the high credit world, but the housing bubble has well and truly burst and prices are on their way back down to where they should have been - and until, with time the market steadies itself... many houses now sit below their true value - its a real genuine 'dont improve move' market full of bargain home sales.

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This has left many homeowners with an unfair financial burden of having to now pay back more than the value of the house - but perhaps that is just a matter of numbers - maybe soon we can have our homes revalued again to find our home values more acceptable, the problems will be in waiting it out and it may well take a lot of time and heartache before the dust settles on this terrible situation.

The Best Situation for Dont Improve Move

Meanwhile there are homeowners who sold their homes just before the housing market crash, or have managed to sell up over the last weeks for a decent price and they are ready to buy a bigger, better, perhaps more energy efficient greener home.

Homeowners who want to stay in the same area but need an extra bedroom or two, a master bathroom, a home office, family kitchen with pantry or even a home theatre and games room - space that they just couldnt find in their old homes.

There are incredible bargains to be found for anyone who is ready to buy now, that means a home buyer who is chain free (doesn't have to wait to sell their old home before they can spend on a new) a buyer who is unencumbered and ready to put their offer in.

A slow market is a Buyers Market and it gives a somewhat unfair opportunity for home buyers to go in with low offers of maybe 5% and even upto a harsh 10% below the asking price and begin hard negotiations to bag that bargain home.

Dont Improve Move Tips

  • Make sure that you are ready to put in an offer and able to close the deal - i.e. that you have your finances in place and you are ready to move.

  • Take your time researching and watch house sales in the area where you are looking for your new home:-
    • - are prices still going down
    • - which properties have been sitting on the market for weeks
    • - any properties that disappeared from the listing but then have been relisted
    • - any prices that have already been dropped - giving you an idea of the sellers eagerness to move
    • - listing that say 'motivated seller'

  • Make very good friends with your local real estate agent:-
    • - let them know exactly what you are looking for
    • - make sure that they understand that you have your finances in place ready to buy
    • - it is great if they think of you when new house sales come onto their books and you get an early view
    • - keep in contact with them, keep popping in

  • It can be heartbreaking but another market to watch is the Repossessions market - it is obviously a fast growing market with a very wide variety of homes in just about every place.

  • Property Auctions:-
    • - many homeowners prefer to offload quickly before their home is repossessed
    • - quality homes are now coming to auctions
    • - you have to know what you want and study the market
    • - you have to set your limit before you to to the auction - and stick to it
    • - in the UK you will need an immediate deposit of 10% to secure the property if you win the auction
    • - you will also need to pay the balance within 28 days

Dont Improve Move during a Recession!

When there is a window of opportunity to get more for your money by moving rather than improving then it could be something you just cant miss, especially while it is still a buyers market...

graphic showing moving crates and cases

There are of course other reasons to move beyond the financial - sometimes you hear homeowners say that they have to relocate because of work so staying in a beloved area is not always an option - homeowners often have to give up their homes because of work obligations which entail actually moving town, city or even to the other side of the country.

Families also choose to move if it is best for the kids - many may opt for a change if we find a different neighborhood that better suits us or more often to be nearer to a school that we think will be more beneficial for our children.

Remember these words of wisdom - if you are going to move, move wisely.

Rare is it such a viable option to Dont Improve Move as it is now - especially for families who are well settled into their present homes and communities - but opportunities like those available right now will not last long - the recession will start to decline, house prices will start to normalize and the stagnant housing market will once again start to move.

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One of the main reasons that we feel we have to move is because of the lack of space - but if you take another look round your home and see potential to expand up into the attic or down into the basement or perhaps out into the garage or with an extension you may be interested in this next article to get more ideas on the flip side of this major decision - if you should decide to choose Dont Move Home Improve Instead instead.

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