Deck Railing Designs

Personalize your deck with unique Deck Railing Designs, a wonderful way to individualise your design. Many different materials are now available to help you create your own special look.

Would you prefer to stay with the classic wood posts and balusters, or now that you are checking out more options - would you prefer a more modern look by mixing wood decking and decking posts with metal or glass balusters.

Are you prepared to choose between what is available at your local store - "off the peg" or are you prepared to go all the way with your own personal bespoke deck railings designs.

Traditional Wooden
Deck Railing Designs:

The classic all wooden deck design is what everyone first thinks of - the traditional deck design idea AND there are PLENTY of ways to individualize your deck while staying with wood.

Above all else the design that you choose should suit your home, the traditional look for older buildings while the plain or square wood balusters look great outside more modern homes.

Please remember:- there are local building codes which are there to help you to build a sturdy and safe deck railing and of the right strength and size to comply.

Take a look here at just some of the examples, including Victorian, colonial, twisted, tapered, bevelled, plain and square styles. 

deck railing designs ideas

Other Wood Deck Railing Ideas:

  • You could alternate sections between posts - one section with traditional balusters and and the next with a piece of specially carved wood instead...

  • You could also mix alternate sections between posts - one section with traditional wood balusters and and the next with a piece of specially etched glass instead and so on...

  • Indeed you could also use a good solid trellis between the posts (also very effective if you wanted paint it a solid white) and have plants growing up and over...

deck railing idea

Here is a deck railing design idea that I got from watching a 1940's movie, I've made it wood colored so that it is easier for you to see - but in the movie it was white, simple and elegant.

What it shows us is that posts and balusters don't have to be tooled to create an attractive railing construction, simple lines but innovative designs work really well in any setting.

and while these ideas may have given you something to think about, how about using other material as an option...

Metal Deck Railing Designs

Aluminium can be twisted and turned to great effect for many different more modern styles of deck railing designs, when painted black they are really set off nicely against the beautiful color of the wooden railing posts and surrounding each individual deck railing baluster.

The outcome is a very pleasing mix of traditional decking and decking posts together with chic metal trimmings.

deck rail design

Glass for Deck Railing Designs

It's not the material that first comes to mind but it is growing in popularity because of the benefits of using glass for deck railing designs.

  • Any design under the sun can be commissioned and etched into the glass.
  • You can introduce color using specialized glass paints to create a stained glass effect giving light and privacy. 
  • The glass can be individual pieces as traditional baluster form fitted between the posts OR one full designed piece covering the full space between the posts (which should be set LESS than 6 feet apart, see your local building regulations before starting).
  • Use ONLY specialized toughened specially made deck railing design glass for longevity and safety.
  • AND the Nº.1 benefit of using glass has to be that you can see through it - so when you are comfortably seated on your lush decking furniture, from that level you get an almost unrestricted view of your garden from your deck instead of looking through solid wood or metal.


Decking boards can be placed in many patterns on top of your solid frame and your deck railing designs can echo the chosen style, it's harder work but the individuality of your deck and the effects can be stunning.

Whilst it is paramount to your decking success that you prepare a solid level base and strong frame and that the decking boards are laid straight and true, when it comes to choosing deck railing designs you can really let your imagination fly.

It is perhaps the most exciting part of the build, your own special touches and knowing that once you have installed your Deck Railing Design you will have just about finished your very own deck.


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Have fun with your
own individual Deck Railing Designs.

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