Deck Design

Deck Design Tips to Enhance Your Garden

Are you planning a Deck Design build so that you and your family can enjoy your new outdoor living space ready for the summer!

If you're looking for an outdoor area for entertainment, how about valuable space with a built-in seating area, a place for the BBQ and surrounded by trellis for your plants to climb.

Does this sound at all like you imagined for your back yard! read on for deck design tips to help you plan your home improvement decking project.

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Of all the different projects regarding home improvement, decking and the design of, has to be the most enjoyable and easiest way to accomplish a really noticiable difference to the look of your home.

Decking can provide an outstanding transformation which will benefit the whole family.

Decking will add appeal to any home, especially if the facade is quite a plain one and give your home an up-to-date look. Decking will add extra valuable outdoor living space, truly transform your garden, front, back or side, and decking will.

totally change the way you use and enjoy your home.

treated pine decking boards for an evenly laid deck design

Step onto warm wooden decking instead of mud, wet grass or sand!. Create an attractive, relaxing seating area - surrounded by your favourite plants in terracota pots - with water proof plastic bases - so watering doesn't damage the wood decking.

Or build free standing decking away from the house, in a special corner of your garden where you can relax and enjoy the afternoon sun.

Best Locations for Deck Design

Have a good look around your home and decide where you would like to place your decking?, here are a few deck design tips to help you:

Are you planning a deck design connected to your home?, then let it reflect the style of your home, unifying your home with this new outdoor living space.

The architecture of your home should effect the design you adopt to use, the type of wood you use, if you stain the wood. Your deck should look a part of and compliment your home.

Or you may choose a "stand alone" deck for sunbathing or perhaps you are going to continue your theme with a gazebo or a pergola?, this decision is important when planning your foundation of concrete supports or posts to support the added weight.

Decking Material Choices!

Making the right Decking Material choices is so important, you have to live with your decision, in your climate come rain or shine...

Wooden Decking

Use wooden plank boards for the original effect. A well designed and maintained quality wooden decking should add value to your home.

However, you must be prepared to maintain and seal it every few years. Natural wooden decking has a special look, feel and aromatic smell.

leveling a deck design photo

Decking Tips...

Four important rules of deck construction are;

- get planning permission

- build firm cemented in foundations

- use treated outdoor timber and decking screws

- and always constantly check your deck design    and measure for true by using a spirit level...

When laying deck design boards lay them of equal lenghths and use pieces that are long enough, the fewer joins the better for a nice, smooth equal finish.

Longer planks will require a good under support structure. Decking should be screwed down and not nailed. Nails come up over time and are very hazardous.

Composite decking is a mixture of wood waste, like for example sawdust, mixed with recycled plastic. It can be made to look like any real wood of your choice. It will give you a durable and very low maintenance deck which will not warp or split.

Vinyl PVC decking will give you true durability with virtually no maintenance at all. One important factor regarding Vinyl decking is that is should have a non-slip surface making it a good option for above ground pool deck designs. Vinyl decking can also be ordered with a wood look.

Aluminum decking is very easy to install, it is lightweight and watertight. Aluminum decking is virtually maintenance free and will give you a cool, non-slip, gapless surface.

Another option to consider for ground level decking are garden decking floor tiles!

Plan Decking to Suit your Home

Deck Design Tips...
How may levels?... How high?...

Are you thinking of a grade level deck (on the ground, or in fact just a step up so that your deck can drain well) or are you planning something a little more ambitious like an elevated deck or a multilevel deck?.

A ground floor deck doesn't require railings so you can sit and enjoy the rest of the garden around you. You can also build a porch over it as an extension of your decking project. Its always a good idea to encorporate a ramp for wheelchair access.

An elevated deck will require railings and there are many railing designs to choose from, both elaborate and simple. You'll also have to decide with an above ground deck, whether or not you also want to install stairs leading down to the garden.

A multilevel deck is a series of decks leading down to your garden from your main, larger, elevated deck. This is of course the most expensive type of deck to build and is also the most visually stylish.

A multilevel deck is the most ambitious decking project, this one would be best done with experience and lot of help or better still, call in a contractor...

Call in a Contractor

Decide on the location of your deck and do some preliminary measurements to get some idea of the size you are aiming for.

Check to see if it would suit your requirements i.e. room for your table and chairs, loungers, potted plants and still plenty of room to move. You can see it in your minds eye?, good...

Check to see if you require any permits... before planning and BEFORE building.

Building Your Own Deck

We only suggest the basic ground level deck as a self-build project because there are other factors to take into account for a raised level deck or multilevel deck, such as structural engineering, etc.

We have written numerous articles with illustrations regarding building low profile - ground level decks and we have included different free deck plans - please see the links below at "Related Deck Design Topics"

Are you looking for a really good deck design book? - whether your planning a self build project or calling in a contractor, a quality deck design book will give you the knowledge and confidence to choose a distinctive deck design.

We have done a careful review to bring you a short-list of the best decking books available and you can get the information here at our Deck Design Book Review


It's always easier if you sort out your finances well ahead of time, for more information, tips and ideas on how to finance your home improvement project click here... Financing Options


Your ready to call in the experts. Get a few independant quotes for your decking project to compare prices. (remember the cheapest quote may not be the best service) Ask recommendations from family and friends or anyone in you neighborhood who already has decking.

When you decide on a contractor:

Get written estimations of total costs, broken down and itemised. Make sure they include when they are going to start the build and the time it going to take to finish the work.

Make sure that your contractor has proper insurance coverage for his team, the same goes for anyone he may need to subcontract. Make sure that you timber is insured as soon as you take delivery of it! - Find out more about insurance cover for your home improvement and financing projects by clicking here...Homeowner Insurance

Particularly discuss the type of wood you are going to use for your deck design. The overall cost can vary vastly depending on the quality and type of wood you choose for your decking project.(again...its worth shopping around)

Dress the Deck Design

It's time to dress your deck: Choose styles of posts, railings and balusters, choose floor lighting or post lighting, how about some outdoor speakers that look like natural rocks!!, to give your deck some nice ambiental music.

Decorate your deck with non-porus potted plants - (and always with a plate to keep water off your deck surface), set the comfortable chairs out, pour a couple of glasses of wine and you are ready for the sunset. enjoy....

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