A Unique Deck Design Idea

A Deck Design Idea doesn't have to be attached to your house to be useful and add value to your home.

If you have a decent sized garden - consider building a special area at the end or in a corner of your garden as this years home improvement project.

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An end of garden free standing deck design idea is a great place to relax away from the house and enjoy the afternoon sun, it is also a wonderful place to entertain family and friends during those long summer evenings.

Add the glimpse of a theme and you could create a special deck design idea that will not only be useful but could also be a fun area for the kids to plan in.

With this in mind I spent the morning doodling with my favourite software - Corel Draw and came up with the following drawing based initially on the idea of building decking with a pirate ship theme.

split level deck design

The addition of a deck building in the form of a gazebo gives the deck design idea a cosy look, with somewhere to sit outdoors and enjoy the garden and the sounds but still have shade from the sun or shelter from the elements.

It's possible to place a different deck building, for example add a summer house with windows and a door or more opened planned with a pergola instead of a gazebo, a summer house would be ideal for children or even a great place to store and lock away your garden implements as well as to sit in and enjoy the view.

A split level deck or multi level deck doesn't have to be a really tall structure, I have included two steps up at the front to keep the lowest level nicely off the ground to help preserve the wood - and then one step up on either side to both the gazebo area and the alfresco dining area.


I can imagine three nice wooden benches for seating within the gazebo, I have included trellis instead of spindles as part of my deck railing design on one side, alternatively you could use rope netting to keep on a nautical theme.

BBQ Area

I can already smell the steaks cooking on the barbecue placed on the opposite raised decking area with deck furniture including a table and chairs for dining.

Sun Deck

The central lower level is an area I would reserve for sunbathing with some nice big luxurious sunbeds, this is where I would place my decking chest with it's special liner for ice to help keep my drinks cold.

A Universally Acceptable Deck

I'll admit that I really did tone down the theme of a galleon ship to make this deck design suitable for any families garden - so the deck would be a positive factor in a sale instead a possible negative for anyone who didn't like ships!...

but once the main structure is built and the safety aspects of the deck railing design is added it would be possible to accentuate more shipping features, perhaps using pre-soaked sailing rope instead of spindles, find a ships wheel and develop the fore-end - the bow for that titanic moment...

Deck Design Idea - Fort

Another idea along these lines would be to build a fort with a raised lookout decking level - the plan would be similar except that the two outer raised decks would not curve inwards but would be square like a forts look out tower - regular shapes are easier to build. I would however make the design to suitable for adults as well as children

Deck Design Idea - Hot Tub

My third idea is adapting the above design into a triple level deck - the gazebo would still be on the hightest level, access would be on the same middle level and the right hand area would be lowered - to incorporate a jacuzzi hot tub with raised seating around it (and maybe another gazebo on top of the hot tub).

There is many a unique and wonderful deck design idea which can be developed from objects of everyday life. a galleon ship play area inspired me to create my own subtle "pirate ship deck design idea.

Just get out your prefered deck design software and let your imagination fly...

The Secret to Decking Success

The secret to success of any deck design idea is in the foundations, we prefer to cement posts into the ground - below the frost level, but there are other ways to establish level foundations for your deck to sit on.

Always take the time to decide on the positioning of your post holes, they dedicate the shape of the base - I am really quite fanatical about preperation and I always end up measuring again and again and then once again just to make sure - depth of post holes, height of posts, distance between posts, leveling off posts etc...

Normal Concrete slabs or a concrete pad give a clean, wide base for a post and hold back greenery from infecting your decking timber with mildew, many people don't bother but you could also cement your slabs down and use post anchors to secure your decking posts to them.

Regulations and Permits

Check with your local planning office for deck building regulations, i.e. frost level for digging post holes for cementing in posts and zoning regulations to give you the required distance you can build from your gardens perimeter fence.

A useful and esthetically appealing deck design idea built with planning permission, pressure treated wood and benefiting from good maintenance can add to the value of your home.

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