Deck Design Books

We have reviewed the best Deck Design Books to help you with your project.

If you are planning to build outdoor living spaces to enhance your home then at least a couple of these books belong on your bookshelf for your information and enjoyment.

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Good Deck Design Books are packed full photos and illustrations of deck design ideas and "how to" information to help you develop your plans and show you new ideas - as well as give you different deck shapes and deck levels options so that you can find one that will be perfect for your back yard.

These deck design books really do form the basis of a good starting point, if you want to design and build your own basic deck or you can call in a contractor to build you you own special multi level deck.

Before you start your project it's important to...


We have put together a shortlist of recommended deck design books to help you get off to a good start.

Some books are packed with design layouts, while others take you through the process of planning, preparing a list of materials, and building from start to finish as well as ideas for decorating and furnishing your deck.

If you call in a contractor to help design and then build your deck, these books will help you to speak the same language, give you a clearer picture of what to expect and what to look out for.

Deck Design Books
The Complete Guide to Decks: A Step-by-Step Manuel for Building Basic and Advanced Decks

(Black & Decker Home Improvement Library)

Absolutely packed with information for the first time to the experienced deck design and builder. You will find hundreds of photographs with close-ups giving you visual examples to help you plan your own deck.

This book has up-to-date - latest building code requirements, making the decision and planning of your deck easier for building permit acceptance.

This book tells you exactly what tools you will need and even help you put together a list for materials.

You can go beyond the normal rectangular deck by adding unique curves and angles.

You can also find out how to build multi-level decking to suit your home. It's no secret that is a hot favourite. If you want both basic and more advanced information this book and the "Advanced Deck Building" by Cowles Creative - should both be on your bookshelf!.

Deck Design Books
Advanced Deck Building

by Cowles Creative

If you have already left the legacy of building a basic ground level deck somewhere in the world - and have some deck building experience which you now want to take a step further then this book is for you.

It's 120 pages with color photos are packed with advanced deck building techniques - if you want to build a multi-level deck to create a unique deck design this book will help you do it, but...

If you are at all in doubt - you should combine this book investment with the first book on the list - The Complete Guide to Decks - by Black & Decker - (above) to give yourself the full spectre of basic and advanced information to help fulfill your deck building potential.

Deck Design Books
Design Ideas for Decks

by Creative Homeowner

If you want something a little more special than the regular rectangular deck then this book is a must for you.

This book won't show you how to build your deck - but all the ideas for different and unique deck designs make it a special addition for anyone planning an indivual deck design to suit their home.

It will open you up to new possibilities with its unique layouts and ideas.

Deck Design Books
Deck Designs: Plus Railings, Planters, Benches

by Steve Cory

This book is packed with great information, techniques and shortcuts, giving you all the tips you'll need to make YOURSELF a really professional deck.

To really get you off to a good deck design start - read over the details of the 25 example decks.

This is a great paperback with 192 pages which is great for elegant curved deck designs for decking and benches - you will enjoy the color photos of many specialist deck designs.

Deck Design Books
Building a Deck: Expert Advise from Start to Finish

(Taunton's Build like a Pro)
by Scott Schuttner

La creme de la creme, this book is full of Pro tips written in easy to follow language.

The information in this book is very complete and there are lots of photo details.

This book will give you all the information you will need to plan, design, build, decorate and furnish your deck.

Deck Design Books
Decking: A Practical Step-by-Step Guide

by Graham Quick

You will find 6 complete decking projects with clear instructions in this book.

As long as you like to projects that are available - this is a great step-by-step deck building guide.

A massive amount of over 200 color photos are there to help guide you through your own deck building project.

Redwood Decks: Ideas and Plan for Contemporary Outdoor Loving (Schiffer Design Book)
by Tina Skinner

This wonderful book includes plans and building instructions which are great for budding do-it-yourself deck building enthusiasts.

You will find over 200 picture of some of the best decks photographed - they are decks of distinction from throughout the USA to give you plenty of ideas to help you plan for the perfect deck for your home.

Deck Design Books
Decks & Patios for Dummies

by Robert Beckstrom

This is a big 390 page book full of all the A-z deck building information you are looking for as well as special tips and tricks to help save you time and money.

You'll get great information on planning and building your deck or patio - including material options, what tools you will need, the possible finishes and a choice of accessories to decorate your new outdoor living space.

Great for deck building tips and construction techniques from start to finish but not so big on photos! - still - this should be on your shelf if you want A - Z deck building information.

Deck Design Books
Complete Deck Book

by Sunset Books

You CAN build your own deck based on the information in this book - as long as you only want to build a basic shape and not try to take on any fancy curved or angled corners.

If a rectangular or square deck is just what your home needs then this book would be a great investment for your home improvement project.

The information for basic ground level deck construction is clear and reader friendly.

Deck Design Books
Lowes Complete Patio & Deck Book: Creative Ideas & Fabulous Fix-Ups (Lowe's Home Improvement)

by Sunset Publishing

Lowes have created a great hardcover book that every deck building enthusiast will enjoy - you are going to love the 300 or so photo guides packed into the 160 pages.

This book is full of ideas for both patios and decks of every size, style and to meet different budgets.

It will help you design, choose materials, and build your new outdoor living space.


Deck Design Books make a great gifts from you to yourself... as well as for someone you may know who is planning to build or have built - a deck of their own.

Wishing you every success in your deck design
and deck building endeavours.


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