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Just below you can see the HOT TOPICS - follow the themed links and you can read what other visitors say - and you can have your own say - add your own article, photos and comment on articles written by other visitors or write about something you see on the live news feeds...

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Your Home Improvement Success Story

Tell us about your home improvement and financing success story, what worked well for you may well be of great inspiration and help to others planning a new project

Your Home Improvement Disaster Story

We all learn from our mistakes - and if we are lucky - we get the chance to learn from the mistakes of others...

Tell us what went wrong with one of your projects so that we can publish your story here on this website and you can help others learn...

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We welcome all comments regarding our website, especially those that we can use to improve our site.

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We would also love to hear from you about your own home improvement story - and we invite you to send it to us so that we can publish it here for you on this website.

While we are very passionate about home improving and whilst we do write from our own experiences we are aware that there are other methods and ideas from different parts of the world and we would love to hear from you and learn.

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