Why you must include
Computer Internet Security in
Home Improvement Projects

Computer Internet Security
Don't let anyone in this back door of your home

Discover if you really are vulnerable and... how to apply some good computer internet security

Find out how to maintain your ability to research your home improvement ideas and financing options without worrying about computer viruses, trojans, bugs or worms.

Using the Internet as a resource to help you complete your home improvement projects is an enormous advantage whether you are 100% D.I.Y. or you want to know your options for a build or remodeling job and also want to be able to speak and understand the builders / contractors lingo.

BUT... what would happen if you booted up in the morning looking for answers to one little query - the only thing stopping you from completing your project and putting your feet up... when suddenly you see your computer screen showing all kinds of strange things - all on its own - your keyboard is not reacting and your left out in the cold.

It is a reality of present day life that many of us have become accustomed to having information available at our finger tips and it's difficult to accept when it's taken away, even for a short time.

If you have already guessed from what I have written that I am speaking from my very own bad experience... then you are right, you can get into a terrible mess with a computer virus in your system - and I don't want that to happen to you.




A handful of Questions.

  • Who needs Computer Internet Security... do I?
  • who really needs protection for their computer...do you?
  • Do you really need to worry if you have dail-up and not broadband...?
  • Are you at risk if you only surf the internet a few hours a week?
  • Are you at risk if you just open e-mail from family and friends?
  • But you just have a quick question on which type of hinge to use!

Just some of the Answers to put you in the picture.

  • If you have a connection ANY connection to the internet you are vulnerable if you do not have a form of computer internet security installed, you will get no warnings.

  • If you are on an in-house network connection with a computer and that computer has internet connection you also need computer security protection.

  • If you have dail-up and not broadband... you ARE still at risk - just the same, if information can get to you through your internet connection, albeit at a slower rate than broadband - you can bet those worms can also wriggle down the line and reach the inner workings of your computer and over time mess it all up.

  • When you surf the net you often come across some nice special offer that you can download free or test at home, sometimes unfortunately these can be impregnated with a virus, unbeknown to the people offering the download.

    You probably wouldn't find out until things started to go wrong and by then you may have passed the virus on yourself countless times.

  • If you receive e-mail from family and friends who do not have computer internet security they could easily be passing a virus onto you without knowing.

  • If you are in anyway connected to the internet without computer internet security installed then you could already be in trouble and your going to have to clean up - fortunately the best software cleans and protects when you install.

I know that it sounds really bad, and in truth it is, as long as you don't have something to protect your computer, as long as you don't have computer internet security - you are an easy target.

What are we protecting here! well, for example when I protect my computer I am also protecting by business and as one thing pays for the other - by doing so I am protecting my homelife and my home, as well as paying towards my home improvement projects.

Yup, computers have become so important and will become even more so in the future so we have to be responsible in how we use them and by protecting ourselves we are also protecting any other computer we link to via internet or messaging.

Unfortunately, new viruses are frequently being unleashed on a vast amount of internet surfers without them even realizing, and they in turn pass the virus on to other computers with innocent e-mail messages, hence the name virus, they spread quickly and hide away in then eat away at systems that do not have protection.


If your not protected by computer internet security it's TIME FOR ACTION...

  • Install a good Antivirus Software

There are a couple of computer antivirus - firewall brand names that really stand out as being good reliable software products with good company back up and who frequently update your installed computer internet security system - keeping your protection up-to-date with any new virus problems.

I get a little pop-up telling me whenever my computer internet security system has been updated to protect me against the latest viruses and it always reassures me when it happens.

The two really big names are McAfee's VirusScan and the Norton Antivirus Program. Remember, which ever program you choose, to get your regular updates and to keep scanning your system for viruses that may have slipped through.

You can safely download a good computer internet security software program and save it to install on your hard disk giving you the firewall protection you will need - it will only take you a couple of minutes.

Computer Internet Security is their business so working with them is easy, for your own sake please don't leave it any longer, download NOW before it's too late and just follow their instructions:

Never go online without the latest anti-virus protection. Fast-spreading mass-mailing viruses, worms and Trojans like Mydoom, Bagle and Sasser can easily infect exposed PCs over dial-up or broadband connections, forward themselves to your email contacts and even help remote hackers hijack personal information.

That's why award-winning McAfee VirusScan-trusted by millions worldwide-automatically scans your email, attachments, shared disks and downloads, then immediately starts to clean or quarantine infections.

For example McAfee VirusScan automatically checks for virus updates* whenever you connect to the Internet, so your protection stays up-to-date against the latest threats, including spyware.


  • Install Ad-aware
this program is available free to family computers in private homes.

  • Install Spyware Detection and Removal Software
If you don't think that anyone would be interested in you, you would be suprised...

Some companies spend millions on developing software to find out where consumers go. What can you do to stop anyone from tapping into your computer and spying on as you surf the net... how can you regain your privacy!.

Is someone tracking your every online move? Essential protection for today's security-conscious Internet user, McAfee AntiSpyware quickly detects then safely eliminates malicious applications — e.g., key loggers, remote-control programs, browser hijackers — hiding on your system before they can rob your identity, snatch passwords or monitor browsing activity when you surf or shop. Erasing online roadblocks, McAfee AntiSpyware also foils adware programs that trigger annoying advertisements and sap system performance.


Are companies watching your online activity?

Do you have dangerous "Spyware" installed on your PC? - the answer is that if you're surfing online, there's nearly a 95% chance you do !

This is an additional program that I installed on my computer and it works great - take a look for yourself at -


  • Anti-Pop-Up software

If things have gotten so bad when you are surfing the internet that you can't see the page you want to read because pop-ups keep popping up right in front of you, then they are in the way of your enjoyment of the internet experience.

Install software which will give you the choice of blocking pop-ups from ever bothering you again.

Please remember - on some sites when you click on to open another page you pop up might block it ever showing - good pop up blockers are the ones you can switch off when you want to...

  • Identify Computer Errors

You can get a a powerful utility to scan the windows registry on your computer to identify errors

Other Ways to Protect your Hardware and Software

  • Buy Lock Down Devices

These are particularly useful for computers by actually seciring them down onto your desk.

These lock down's work in two ways so you have the option of using a solid base fixed onto your desk and anchoring your computer down or by using security cables. See if you can fix down any other large valuables as well.

  • Use A/C Detectors

Nothing can be unplugged without you knowing... if you use A/C detectors plugs. Fit them for computers, televisions, hi-fi systems, cd players etc..., in fact anything electrical of value.

  ALWAYS Do frequent Data Back-Ups

If you have to lose something - be it through fire, theft or breakdown - make sure that it is not all your hard work.

By regularly backing up all your computer files and storing them away safely with your other valuables you would soon be able to get back into business after an unfortunate event.



Once you have what you need for your computer internet security, it's time to check out the other home improvement home security options, click here to go from computer internet security to Home Security Remember: Secure your future by keeping your home and it's contents safe with clever home security, including computer internet security and you could end up paying lower insurance premiums.

Computer Internet Security allows you to
enjoy your internet surfing experience

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