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Solar Lamp Options

Buy Solar Lamp Styles to brighten your home, they are ideal for your deck and garden but are also a great home improvement and financing way to add solar security lights.

The future is here - let the sun light up your home as soon as darkness falls.

The benefits of installing solar lights as a home improvement project are just outstanding:

  • No rise in your electricity bills when you buy solar lamp options
  • Only one initial low cost payment
  • Simple intallation - no wiring
  • The most you might have to do is screw in a nail to support a hanging lamp
  • Solar Garden Lamps are just pushed into the ground
  • A Floating Solar lamp illuminates your pond
  • Solar Insect killing Lamps clear your deck or patio of pests
  • Solar Guardrail lights make railings safer
  • Solar powered motion sensors give your home added security
  • Buy solar lamp - means a maintenance FREE system
  • And the most environmentally friendly system in the world

Know designs to buy solar lamp options:

solar garden light options

Solar Garden Lamp

A solar garden lamp will light up a walk way, it can also be used to highlight beautiful planting features.

Buy solar lamp options for your garden and take away the darkness outside your window at night - add as many as you like to brighten dark areas.

Bringing light to outdoor areas allows your to see the garden in the evening and can also add to the security of your home.

Solar garden light options can conventional or fun, just look at a few design choices beyond the traditional solar garden lamp style:

  • Antique look Mission Post lamps
  • Lighthouse garden lamp
  • Dog garden lamp
  • Gnome garden lamp
  • Nature animal garden lamp
  • Solar path ground stud
  • Solar ground brick
  • Solar Festival garden lamp
  • Sperical solar lamp
  • Solar Spotlight in a stone
  • Solar bollard style lamp

Installing Solar Garden Lights

I absolutely, unreservedly love solar garden lights - and couldn't resist buying more the other day for a little patio area.

Here's what usually happens when you get them home - (I read followed the instructions and so should you!)

The kit I bought contained three small solar garden lamps - consisting of three supporting stakes and three lamp heads.


1. - First I firmly pushed the support into the hole provided at the base of the lamp head.

2. - Next I was instructed to gently turn the top of the lamp head off - under was a switch showing OFF and AUTO - I selected AUTO - and put the top back on.

(AUTO means that the lamp comes on at dusk and the light is off during the day when it is reacharging energy from the sun)

3. - Stick them in the soil exactly where you want them - I stuck mine in the soil of big pot containers - the lights are low and reflect beautifully onto the patio tiles.

Done! - and after a day in the sun - I already had light that night.

2006 Update - I've done it again - I've bought even more... with these new garden lights - the OFF and AUTO switch was on the outside so they were even easier to install.

  • TIP 1: I did leave the lamps on OFF for a couple of days so that the mini solar panels could absorb energy and charge the batteries - then I switched over to AUTO.

  • TIP 2: If your garden lights don't seem to stay illuminated as long as when you first bought them, put the switch to OFF to help the batteries fully recharge for a couple of days - before switching back to AUTO - especially useful tip during dark cloudy days.

  • TIP 3: Garden lights use specially sealed rechargeable batteries - please don't try to replace them with normal ones - the sealed batteries are more expensive to re-place but they are the only ones to safely outdoors - batteries will last longer if they are fully recharged by the sun during the day.

More Ideas to lighten your home...
More Designs to add style

You can also light up your outdoor space by adding a solar flagpole light.

Solar powered motion sensors used strong rechargeable batteries to add strength of light and to lengthen illumination time.

Solar Floodlights are a great home improvement investment adding security, installations can be used to illuminate around your home from gardens to driveways

Full standing traditional - single or double elegant and elaborate - Courtyard solar lamps add style to any home.

Solar wall lightening can help light up a walk-way around the outside of your home - every night - a simple screw is all that is needed to fix the support.

Solar Candles, act like candles but don't blow out!, these make a fantastic addition as a center piece to deck patio furniture sets.

Insect Killing Solar Lamps make your outdoor living space much more comfortable - enabling you to really enjoy those lazy summer nights.

A recessed solar ground brick laid flush into your decking or patio gives your outdoor living space extra light and dimension from the floor up. These really brilliant solar lights are available in many different colors


If you are not yet using the solar energy of the sun to lighten your home - even on cloudy days - then buy solar lamp options for the deck and garden is a great way to start.

Always buy solar lamp kits from a reliable, professional source who will explain the extent and brightness of lighting and duration that their available models will give you.

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