Bed Rail Fastener Options

Finding quality Bed Rail Fastener Supplies to complete the build of your bed or loft bed plan isn't always easy - until now...

If you have been reading our loft bed plan series of articles to help you make your own loft bed - you may be wondering where you can get your hands on the same galvanised steel male and female brackets that we used - well now you can...

We have sourced the very best available so that you can take your pick of the bed rail fastener that you prefer - the brackets all work in similar ways, you just need to follow the instructions - screw them in place and you will be ready to build your bed.

Let's take a closer look at your three very different...
Bed Rail Fastener and Bed Bolt Options

Galvanized Steel Bed Rail Fasteners

  • This is probably the nearest type of fasteners to the one we used on our plan - in fact as these ones hook from the side, it's easier to get a neater fit between the bed rails and the corner bed posts or end rail.

  • These fasteners are 18 gauge galvanised steel so they are good and strong.

  • They are perfect for the type of loft bed plan that we described - (however they are not recommended for bunk beds.)

  • When you buy a set - you get four pairs of interlocking fasteners - perfect! - one set for each corner of the bed - the matching sets are even numbered so you can't install any piece upside down!

  • Once your order has arrived - hold the male and female brackets in position - mark screw holes - pre-drill pilot holes - reposition the brackets and drive in the screws (screws not supplied) - and the job is done!

These galvanised steel fasteners fit so neatly to give a good join - and of course they are easily applied to the inside face - and are not visible once your bed or loft bed construction is completed.

Steel Bed Rail Fasteners

  • If you prefer a head to head straight on fastener you won't be disappointed with this double hooked heavy steel

  • - the only important difference to keep in mind is that they are not inside mounted like the first option - these require mortising for a recessed mounting.

  • If you don't set them into the wood - you won't get a neat finish wood to wood and you will be able to see the fasteners after the bed is built.

  • It's not a difficult job but you should take your time so as not to split the wood - first mark the outline of the fastener, having placed eash one in the correct position and then using a flat wood chisel and mallet - chisel out the mortise to the same size - and depth - as the bracket.

  • Better still - just follow the instruction that come with every bed rail fastener set and you will soon be drilling pilot holes and then screwing the brackets into place.

Bed Bolts

  • A lot of people are just more used to working with bed bolts than fasteners, and you can of course build a really sturdy frame in the more traditional way with these extra strong speciality steel bolts.

  • Even though the head of the bed bolt is recessed into the end bed post - you can cover up it up entirely with bed bolt covers for a neater finish.

  • These bolts are a good 6" long and are 3/8" in diameter giving real structural strength to your bed plan construction.

  • If you want the total flexibility of easily being able to dismount your bed and re-build it frequently - then take a look at the nifty bed bolt wrench...

  • - it's a neat little T-handle wrench made of a copper / brass alloy - that fits perfectly over these sized bed bolts - which means that it doesn't wear away the corners of the bolt everytime you want to move the bed!


One of the best things about making your own bed is using connectors that help you join the pieces together quickly - if's just so much easier!

Once each Bed Rail Fastener is in place it just takes a few minutes to actually put your bed together.

These are also really excellent systems for loft bed construction and for completing our Loft Bed Plan

Another thing is... sleeping on a well constructed bed that you made yourself - now that's something special, so if you want to... you can find out HOW here How to Build a Loft Bed Plan

Before you know it... you will be constructing more beds for family and friends so bookmark this page now so that you will always be able to find the worlds best Bed Rail Fastener when you need it!


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