Bathroom Wall Cabinet Review

Your Bathroom Wall Cabinet is the piece of bathroom furniture where you will probably see yourself for the first time every day and last thing at night.

This cabinet is also probably where you will store the important items that help you start the day the best way and finish the day before you rest - these are both great reasons to treat yourself and your bathroom to the best looking cabinet for your home.

Traditionally the main purpose in life of the bathroom wall cabinet was as a medicine cabinet and the old style is coming back into fashion as a multipurpose unit for medicine and toiletries.

Generally these useful units comprise of 3 fixed shelves behind the door and 3 fixed shelves on both sides for more storage.

Your bathroom wall cabinet

should be in proportion to the size of your bathroom. Finding the right cabinet that compliments your other bathroom accessories will help bring together your bathroom theme.

The finish that you choose and the tone or color of your bathroom cabinet and the materials used will depend on if you have a classic, contemporary or modern bathroom scheme in your home.

Bathroom wall cabinets are a really wonderful item to shop for because they really do come in all shapes and sizes with and without doors, with and without mirrors.

The bathroom cabinet mirror

will help reflect light and brighten your bathroom as well as being useful.

The different tones of a wood finish to this unit can add warmth while the favourite at the moment seems to be white against soft cream painted walls and bathroom tiling.

Hooks underneath the bathroom wall cabinet are very handy for hanging hand towels and flannels.

Some cabinets are really elongated with double doors with additional open storage shelves either side for your bathroom ornaments whilst others are almost minimalist and compact in size and design with stainless steel or chrome plate and the basic door mirror.

Because there are now many more styles of bathroom vanities available due to their rise in popularity, there are also many more styles and designs of bathroom wall cabinets to match, including the inlaid with hand painted designs antique look.

All design types are valid and useful in the right bathroom - but first of all it's important to make your own assessment of the age of your home, your chosen style of home deco, your own bathroom space and the thickness of the wall that is going to support the wall unit.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets

usually come with mounting hardware and instructions for best installations. If yours doesn't for whatever reason - please remember - For best results always use a spirit level when marking where to drill - always plug the hole before using screws of adequate length and strength.

Which ever style you choose, a matching set of bathroom furniture will always be effective, additional examples are the bathroom floor cabinet or vanity and the bathroom tower unit for extra storage or even the brilliant space saving and using over the tank storage cupboard.

For more ideas on matching bathroom furniture sets please go from bathroom wall cabinet to Bathroom Vanities.

Give this very important room in your home a bathroom makeover this year and treat yourself to a beautiful bathroom wall cabinet.

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