Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Styles and Materials to help you decide...

Choosing the right Bathroom Vanity Cabinet for your home is not as easy as it once was.

This is simply because the wonderfully wide range of different designs, styles and sizes as well as the choice of materials and finishes available today which can leave you feeling more confused when deciding what's right for your bathroom theme.

Your choice of bathroom vanity cabinet should in many ways reflect the general theme of furniture and finishes in your home...

photograph of bathroom vanity options

    however, your bathroom is also your excuse to add an extra touch of luxury and your own individual style - your choice cabinet is a great way to express yourself.

Bathroom Vanities:
Materials to suit your Home...

Choosing Bathroom Vanities, if your home is full of traditional wood furniture you may decide on a much more ornate and distinguished piece of luxury in the form of an antique or antique look for your bathroom vanity cabinet with carving details and hand painted designs on the face of your drawer and cupboards with ornate knobs and pulls.

If you live in a modern home a modern bathroom vanity cabinet will reflect your style perfectly with a lot of use of reflective glass adding light to your bathroom together with a possible mix of alluminium, marble, laquering and ceramic...

Yet another option is the distress look which does go really well with the crisp white or light creme of your bathroom suite.

If you can find a vanity with a highlight color that picks out the one strong color you chose for your bathroom accessories to go with your paler colors for walls, flooring and tiles this is a great way to tie your new vanity into your theme.

It's important to have a vanity and bathroom mirror that match and from which you can choose other bathroom accessories of the same style.

Traditional Wood Bathroom Vanity

Without a doubt what first comes to mind when thinking of a bathroom vanity cabinet are the traditional wooden units.

Modern designs mean that more use can be taken of wasted bathroom space and in this way the design of the bathroom vanity cabinet has developed into some really unique bathroom storage sets.

Beautifully crafted hard wood vanities are available in many different forms and color tone finishes from the modern and plainer styles to the ornate and antique models.

You could choose a truly lavish and very distinctive looking vanity in a solid wood with a variety of finishes - the maple, cherry and mahogany veneers remain very popular choices providing a very sophisticated look to your bathroom.

Vanities come without legs, with short legs lifting your vanity just off the floor or with long elegant legs - which are without towel storage but still offer a bathroom accessory drawer under your vanity surface.

The other decision you have to make is if you prefer a vanity with a plain surface which is vey useful for the items you use on a daily basis when in front of your bathroom mirror, OR to showcase your bathroom ornaments.

The other important option is to have a vanity with basins installed... Your bathroom sink can be undermounted in the traditional way of following present trends can sit on top of your vanity unit.

double bathroom vanity cabinet

This is a fully integral bathroom vanity cabinet with double his and hers undermounted sinks and with a selection of drawer and cupboard storage spaces - which is ideal for spacious bathrooms.

Modern Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity

Pine and painted pine wood vanities are becoming ever more popular, in fact so many people are stripping back their varnished wood vanities and painting them with a semi opaque paint to get the color they want, so that they can change the look but still have the wood grain show through.

Also popular is the distressed look, layering paint and rubbing different areas with sand paper can bring out a beautiful old world finish before the final coat of varnish to protect the vanity in the damp air of your bathroom.

Bathroom vanity cabinets painted fresh semi opaque white which lets you see the grain of the wood patterns but still reflects light are ideal for big and small bathrooms.

The WHITE Bathroom Cabinet

white bathroom vanity

The white of the unit allows light to reflect around your bathroom and they do not appear to be as heavy a piece of bathroom furniture as the darker wood options.

The typical white solid wood bathroom vanity cabinet has a useful drawer for smaller accessories, a towel shelf and a storage cupboard under.

A white vanity does provide a much lighter and brighter option than the darker mahogany models.

The Bathroom Corner Cabinet

The Bathroom Corner Cabinet is a great way to utilising bathroom corner space and providing yet more storage.

Half length corner cabinet units provide a display surface - while full length units - floor to cieling is a unique way to help you gain storage in the bathroom.

The Glass Bathroom Vanity

If you are going for the "New Look" to suit the more modern style of your home and bathroom you might be more interested in a glass and metal bathroom vanity cabinet.

An open vanity may just be made of a glass top surface with a glass shelf under supported by aluminium tubular leg supports.

The unit depicted below is a mix of glass, aluminium and wood - the wood drawers are removable for added flexibility and the mix of the three textures add that extra special dimension for the up-to-date vanity look.

modern glass cabinet

The glass vanity is made of special thoughened glass with smooth, rounded edges which are easy to clean. The steel tubular supports should match your bathroom faucets and other bathroom fittings.

The addition of the wood drawers brings a natural element to the modern mix which we particularly like.

Like the wood options the glass vanity comes with or without a basin - the most popular style choice with this type is for the over surface modern stylish ceramic basin that sits on top of your cabinet.

The purchase of and use of your bathroom vanity cabinet is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a bathroom remodeling or bathroom makeover project and we know you are going to enjoy yours...

Additional Bathroom Furniture

  • Storage wall tower units
  • Storage corner tower units
  • Chairs
  • Linen Baskets
  • Storage Ottomans

Many manufacturers also produce matching bathroom tower units which are perfect for additional storage. Storage units can be bought as wide as your vanity and there are also narrow versions and stylish corner units available.

A matching chair or one especially painted in the same distressed style is always a bonus in your bathroom if you have the available space.

Enjoy your beautiful bathroom vanity cabinet...

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