Bathroom Vanities

Choosing a New Bathroom Vanity Cabinet...

Bathroom Vanities really do come in all shapes, sizes and colors and it is wonderful when you comfortably have enough space in your bathroom to do justice to this very useful cabinet.

There are basic decisions to be made when deciding on which type or style to choose, which in great part will depend on the general look and feel and SIZE of your bathroom.

You will want bathroom vanities that provide enough storage but of a size that doesn't totally overpower the room - see how the proportions of this bathroom vanity and bathroom cabinet fit nicely into a recessed wall.

well proportioned bathroom vanity photograph

If you have wooden floors and a country feel and theme, or if your bathroom is tiled and ultra modern or ceramic chic - with the really enormous variety of bathroom vanities available today there's surely something for every style and taste.

Bathroom Vanities - Accessories


They come with or without a basin - which can be undermounted, surface mounted or semi recessed - and in a wide variety of ceramic colors and different materials like for example the increasingly popular natural wooden basin options.


wall vanity with mirror

They also come with or without a vanity mirror, these can be as one single piece of furniture combined with your vanity - or as a seperate matching mirror to hang on the wall above your unit.

THE up-to-date buy in bathroom mirrors is the back heated variety - the benefit being that the mirror doesn't steam up when you have the hot water running in the shower or in the basin.


Bathroom Lighting can be seperate from the unit itself with lights fitted on arms away from the wall above the mirror and at the sides - or you could decide to buy a wall or ceiling mounted vanity wrap lighting which will extend down to sit on and wrap around the actual vanity mirror.

The advantage of bathroom lighting fitted on an arm extending out away from the wall is that they light your face and not hte glass - lights too close to the mirror can leave your face in shade and too much light reflecting off the mirror itself.

Unit Surfaces

Most bathroom units come with their own integral surface of the same material as the vanity itself - in the case of solid wood a protected wooden surface prepared to cope with water splash.

However, what is becoming more popular as a surface option for bathroom is granite - fast taking over from the more expensive heavy marble tops.

Granite tops are available in many colors, including sleek black or blue or even pink!, they represent your style, are chic, reflect light well and are easy to keep clean.

Keep a look out for "stone look" laminate surfaces which really do give the illusion of the depth of a real stone surface - the advantage of a laminate surface is however that they are not porous and so you don't have to worry about them being sealed - another bonus is the amazing variety of colors and hues available.

Bathroom Vanities - Shapes and Sizes

Bathroom Vanities are available from the full to the floor size - with undermounted double sink units, drawers and cupboards to the single basinless variety with a shelf and cupboard sitting off the floor on legs - and of course everything in between.

A Double Vanity...

This unit is brilliant for a spacious en-suite bathroom with his and hers bathroom sink. These double units usually come with full under cabinets and drawers.

A Single Vanity...

Single units look great with the up to date look of a ceramic or wooden basin sitting on top, taking up much less room than a double vanity but still having the great impact to enhance your bathroom.

light wood bathroom furniture

A useful single unit comes in many different style combinations:

  • Drawer and Cupboard
  • Drawer shelf and Cupboard
  • Drawer and Shelving
  • Shelf and Cupboards
  • Open planed Shelving

Single solid Wood Bathroom Vanities are great to team up with matching bathroom mirrors like the one above...

A Vanity Shelf...

Is just that, a space saving useful shelf to hold all the items that you might want to keep to hand especially those that you use on a daily basis.

A real benefit of a vanity shelf is that it doesn't impose itself on the available space in your bathroom while still giving you somewhere to put your daily essentials.

Bathroom Vanities - Styles

No Legs

Many of the variety of vanities available are units full to the floor, these models are great for storage with plenty of space for your fluffy towels and other bathroom accessories.

Still the most popular of the styles available although you may decide that these units just look too big, solid and heavy in comparison to the lighter look of cabinets with legs...

Small Legs

I have seen a number of bathroom units standing on small legs, one was a pretty looking solid wood mahonany one sitting on small beautifully carved legs, lifting the cabinets off the floor.

The other was a white bathroom vanity with drawer, shelf, cupboard and short plain legs in fitting with the style of the furniture.

Ornate and antique or "antique look" vanities usually come with wonderfully carved legs of a style fitting the era the piece was designed for.

All Legs

A clever trick if you don't have very much space in your bathroom is to install a bathroom vanity which stands on tall legs, being able to see so much floor space under the unit makes the room seem larger.

If you are hankering after a beautifully crafted ornate wood model this type may well be a more economical option while still giving you that distinctive rich look.

bathroom vanity with legs

take full advantage of the additional surface and the vanity drawer for smaller bathroom accessories.

It will not give the impression of taking up as much space as the solid models do - the legs can also be an ornate feature in themselves or provide storage space for a small basket.

Bathroom Vanities - Material Options

mahogany bathroom vanity

There are many different types of solid wood and a variety of light and dark veneer finishes to choose from for that traditional wooden vanity look.

- a darker wood option that might be right for your bathroom is a cherry mahoganey veneer.

Also, a wood vanity painted a semi opaque color to match your bathroom theme is a great way to tie your vanity in with the rest of your bathroom accessories while still being able to see the beautiful grain of the wood.

Yet ANOTHER great option and fast becoming more popular is the modern look created by mixing materials, for example metal supports with a glass surface and wooden shelving.

Glass and metal bathroom vanities really will add a different dimension to your bathroom as long as it is a style and theme reflected not only in your bathroom style but also in the rest of your home.

For more ideas of different styles to help you decide - our next article has examples of double wood, single white and modern glass and metal bathroom vanities at... More bathroom vanities at Bathroom Vanity Cabinet


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