Bathroom Shower Curtain

How to Choose the best Material and
Style for your Bathroom Remodeling

Buying a new bathroom shower curtain is probably the quickest, design effective and most economical home improvement project there is...

They offer the opportunity to bring more color to match your bathroom color theme and also the opportunity to install a curtain that is resistant to mildew and mold.

Your Bathroom Shower Curtain will take a great part in changing the look and feel of your bathroom but not on it's own...

The color and style you decide on should fit in with the overall new look of your bathroom remodeling and the material you choose is important in helping you keep it fresh.

Probably your biggest challenge is going to be choosing the right one for your home, there are literally thousands of new colors, patterns and styles coming out every year.

Ask yourself this question... do you decide on your bathroom design colors and/or scheme before you buy your bathroom shower curtain or have you fallen completely for a particular bathroom curtain and want to build your own individual scheme around it.

Bathroom Shower Curtain Designs

If you see a bathroom shower curtain which starts almost white at the top and gradually going to a darker blue at the bottom with maybe sailing boats cruising the sea at the lower area.

bathroom shower curtain

This could inspire you to decide on:

  • a shipping/boat theme
  • a marine life theme
  • or a sea and sand theme
  • or just have solid blue and white accessories to help accentuate the design

Perhaps you would want to combine the blue with golden sand colored highlights in your other bathroom accessories, eg. your toilet seat, towels, bathroom vanities and other general bathroom decor and fixtures.

Bathroom Decor Themes

If you have fixed ideas about the new color scheme that you want to use for your bathroom colors and you have already installed bathroom tile and flooring and bought your fresh bathroom towels then it should be easier to select the right curtain.

chic shower curtain

Are you going for a plain strong color, a lighter shade or even a white curtain.

If your other bathroom accessories are plain maybe you want to be more flamboyant and choose a highly decorated curtain in the right shades of color.

Your shower curtain could be the main way that you introduce a strong vibrant color into your light and airy bathroom design.

Bathroom Shower Curtain Materials

There is nothing more annoying than a beautiful shower curtain that fits right in with your scheme but that sticks to you every time you use the shower.

Plasticky ones have to be scrubbed during your bathroom cleaning if mildew were to build up, they have to be cleaned regularly anyway to help keep your bathroom space hygenic.

There are a couple of options for you:

  • Buy a polyester - cotton mixed material shower curtain that is washable, these really do make life so much easier.

    They are great for bundling into your washing machine periodically along with your other bathroom accessories of "like" color making them so easy to keep clean that you don't have to worry about them and can get on enjoying your new bathroom.

  • Option number two doesn't even require regular washing, buy a bacteria resistant shower curtain which is permanently treated with an antimicrobial agent to resist mildew, mold, odour and germs.

    These curtains stand great on their own or can be used as an inner curtain.

    The material used is a heavy guage vinyl - twice as thick as standard shower curtains and with a soft super suede finish.

These come with a heavy duty reinforced top for durability and include rust proof aluminium grommets.

Fitting your Bathroom Curtain

If you can get your hands on some of these great little hooks with a clip on the end you can hook them into your rail and just clip your shower curtain onto them.

The tiny little clips I have shimmer with the light and also for part of the overall look (it's all in the details). Plus as they make it so easy to put your curtain up and take it down they really make washing day easier.

A new bathroom shower curtain is a great way to make your bathroom makeover truly individual - what are the chances of someone else choosing the same and having exactly the same color scheme combined with exactly the same accessories!...

Whether you are going for fun or chic or maybe both so that you can have a change of ambiente - we know you are going to enjoy your new bathroom shower curtain...


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