Make a
Bathroom Floor Plan

A Bathroom Floor Plan doesn't have to be a complicated technical drawing or work of art, although home improvement software should make it easier and definitely more fun...

As long as your measurements are correct for the size of the room, a plan is easy to prepare and very useful in designing your perfect bathroom.

As soon as you decide what is important for you and your family - your bathroom floor plan starts to take shape in your mind.

It may be that you want a bath beside a picture window to enjoy the view - or your family need a especially designed shower bath - or your lifestyle is just to hectic and space too small and you would prefer a modern oversized walk-in shower instead.

Things to consider are the present positioning of supply and waste pipes as these are expensive to move - fitting in all you want while still leaving a comfortable space to move around - and lighting plus how you want to take advantage of the window.

Make a Bathroom Floor Plan when:

  • You have built a new extension and want to include a new bathroom.
  • You are planning to do some bathroom remodeling of an existing bathroom space.
  • You have expanded into the loft and want to add an e-suite.
  • You have converted a seperate bathroom and toilet into one bigger space.
  • You have absorbed a store room or the linen cupboard giving you a larger bathroom to plan with.

If you are in the early stages of a new build, then you have the opportunity to do some careful planning of all pipes and socket locations to make sure that everything goes where you will hopefully ALWAYS want it to be...

It's quite a big expense to actually move pipes in the bathroom, at a later stage to change the location of a fixture and fitting, exactly the same problem as a major re-design in the kitchen.

Unfortunately we have seen a number of well planned bathrooms fall drastically short of perfection by one or two major errors, problems that you are reminded of every time you use the bathroom, for example, a dream bathroom was built - but the pipes for the bath were installed at the wrong end meaning a beautiful view was lost.

The person using the tub had to look into the room itself, the mixer tap however, got to look out of the window. It's a problem that could have been avoided by using a simple bathroom floor plan.

You may have expanded your bathroom by taking over the unused space of an adjoining cupboard or small store room, and at last you have the space for the hydrotherapy bathtub or the luxurious double shower enclosure or maybe just the double his and her sinks that you had always dreamed of.

Perhaps you are planning a loft conversion and want to include a bathroom to make the new bedroom space an en-suite, your bathroom will probably be built directly on top of the one on the floor below which will be much easier and cheaper for pipe connections.

You will need to apply clever planning to make the most of the space as the roof slopes and you will probably want to plan for a window in the roof in just the right place so that you can see the stars as you soak in the tub.

If you need a bathroom floor plan because you are buying a new bathroom suite and you are happy with the general location of the main bathroom suite features - then you are going to be pleasantly surprised by all the new sizes and features of fixtures and fittings available to your today, your floor plan is going to prove very important in your search and measuring stage.

Small Bathroom Planning...

3 small bathroom floor plans

Your bathroom floor plan will not only be useful to you, but will also give visual directions to your contractor.

You can talk over the project using the plan before work begins and your contractor will more easily foresee any possible difficulties and maybe even spot some money saving options.

Make an EASY Floor Plan

  • You could draw your plan on a piece of paper to give you a rough idea, including the permanent features like the walls, door and window and make a few photocopies, these you could use by adding the components in different locations on the bathroom floor plan until you find a plan you really like.

    But...if you haven't tried to get anything to scale you are going to have to have your plan checked against the actual measurements of the room and the size of the fixtures and fittings you choose.

  • You could visit a bathroom showroom for more accurate answers to proportions, find one with a computer facility for bathroom floor design. You will only need to supply the following information:-
    • correct measurement of the available bathroom space.
    • where the door is
    • where the windows are
    • where the water pipe connections are
    • where your old toilet, tub and basin are(if you are replacing)
    • where your electrical connections are
    • where you currently have lighting connected i.e. ceiling, round a mirror etc.

  • You could treat yourself to a nice easy home design software which you could use for all your projects around your home. You could put in the measurements for the bathroom and then use the toilet, bath, sink and shower icons by moving them around until you find a plan that will suit you, your connections, your home and your pocket.

Here is an example of an easy plan, it is quite a normal sized basic oblong bathroom, as found in many homes. However, as you look at the bathroom door from the outer hallway is quite a large cupboard directly along the same wall to the right.

On this basic drawing this space has been incorporated into the bathroom - giving you extra space for a generous oversized sized shower cabin - for more shower cabin information you can read our Bathroom Decorating Idea Article

bathroom floor plan

A spa bath has been included for relaxing therapy, and be able to look out towards the window.

At the end of the bath is a heated towel rail so that you can wrap up directly in a hot towel and not loose all the benefits given by the spa therapy bath by getting cold as you step out.

Also at the end are shelves for more towels and various bathroom knicks and knacks.

There is another heated towel rail in between the double wall hung sinks, these sinks don't occupy any actual floor space and so the room will feel more spacious.

Above the sinks is placed horizontally a long large mirror to encompass both sinks, it will help keep the bathroom bright by reflecting light around the room, also, it is back heated so that it will never steam up.

The bathroom has lighting on either side of the mirror rather than above the mirror, this is the best place for softer lights that glow and reflect on the mirrors and around the room.


This is just one example of a bathroom floor plan idea - to give you some idea of what you can do with a simple bathroom floor plan using home design software.

Each of the different components like the toilet and bath are movable on the screen. The above simple drawing was done quite quickly on corel draw, with which I drew in the toilet and other features myself but your home design software makes it easier, it will come with all the fixtures and fittings icons you will need which you will just have to select and drop into place.

Don't forget to include measurements for dimensions along all walls in your bathroom floor plan and also height, especially if your planning wall or above window shelves.


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Wishing you success
with your own bathroom floor plan

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