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Bathroom Makeovers that make financial sense...

  • Does the cost of the bathroom of your dreams and the extra value it adds to your home make financial sense?...

It is all too easy to over-invest in your bathroom decorating idea, probably more that in any other room in your house.

There are so many amazing high quality fittings available to us today which can totally transform our bathroom and add value and quality to our homes but...

If you over-invest you could be pricing your home above the market value for your area. Take a look around you and find out the prices of the classiest homes - similiar in build to your own - that are for sale. i.e. find the ceiling price for your type of home and budget all your remodeling costs to fit well into it, remember:-

  • You want to remodel your bathroom to improve the quality of your home life for both you and for your family and...

  • You want to remodel your bathroom to improve the value of your home - to recoup your investment and wherever possible - make a good profit.

Fortunately, the work you are planning, looking for a good bathroom decorating idea, should be as sound an investment for your home as redecorating the kitchen, these are definitly the two HOTTEST INVESTMENT areas of present day for your home improvement and financing.

It is so important to work out your budget before you begin to look and buy, your bathroom remodeling budget will help you to choose wisely and realize a wonderful new bathroom decorating idea that will suit your home and your pocket.

The SECOND Bathroom

An additional bathroom is always a valid home improvement investment which will be a benefit while you live there are a good sales advantage if you decide to move...

  • are you planning to extend your home to include a new additional bathroom to help take the strain off the main bathroom.
  • if you now have a master bedroom with en-suite up in the attic, perhaps you are deciding on remodeling your old bathroom with a nice theme for the kids to enjoy.
  • If you are remodeling your basement, maybe to include a home office, or games room, you may be looking for the best ways to incorporate an extra bathroom facility without taking up too much space.


How do you start to plan
your Bathroom Decorating Idea

Investigate - have a good look at what you already have, you need a really clear picture to help you decide on your bathroom decorating idea options, look at the floor, walls, fixtures and fittings, water outlets, electrical connections and lighting:-

  • We have all learnt a lot about bathroom hygiene in the last decades and people are enthusiastically ripping up bathroom carpets all over the country in favor of a solid heated floor and maybe using a washable bathroom rug.

    You probably don't want to start lifting up your old bathroom carpet until you really begin work, but you do want to find out what there is underneath it!... you may be pleasantly suprized in finding original wooden bathroom flooring that you can clean, seal, tint or paint and finish.

  • Are the tiles and grouting sound?, you can whiten grouting and replace the odd tile if you can find the same ones... if they are in general good condition or can be repaired you have a base for so many tile options. If the tiles have to go - you can enter the wonderful world of the latest bathroom ceramic tile...

  • Do you already have a reasonably nice white bathroom suite installed?, is the sink generous enough?, if it is... you probably just need to check the sealant around to make sure that it is water tight.

  • On the other hand if you have inherited a typical 1970's - 1980's bathroom it is quite possible that you have one of the amazing avocado or some other shade of green or even pink bathroom suites... you know that it will have to go. Your bathroom decorating idea is going to include a wonderful new sleek crisp white bathroom suite.

  • If you are going for a complete bathroom makeover this is a great opportunity to have a specialist check out all of your electrical connections when they are rewiring for any changes and lighting additions you want to make, and make sure that the changes come up to bathroom wiring code.

  • After checking the floor, the walls and the fixtures, it's time to draw yourself a simple plan of your bathroom, things to include are:-

       where the door is
       the window(s)
       all water connections
       where the electrical points are, and
       where you presently have lighting
       also include full room measurements

  • Now you have to decide if you are happy with the location of each fixture or if your available space can be better used by moving something around.

    If you have a small bathroom, it is also a good opportunity to investigate the possiblity of augmenting your bathroom's size - do you have a cupboard of some sort or an adjoining box room that you could expand your bathroom into?.

    Take a look at our bathroom floor plan page to help you decide if you really need to move anything and find out how you can make your own plan and see what other cool fixtures and fittings you can fit into your space - BATHROOM FLOOR PLAN

    Top Tip - Taking away a small bedroom to make a bigger bathroom - especially if you only have 2 or 3 bedroom house - is NOT usually going to help increase the value of your home...

    but if you can make use of a storage room or cupboard to increase your bathrooms size and comfort WITHOUT affecting other valuable areas, you should be able to improve both quality and value.

  • If you have a seperate bathroom and toilet, consider knocking through to make one bigger room, this is another way to upgrade and enjoy more bathroom decorating idea options...

    ALSO, if you decide that you have to move the location of the bath... etc. take into consideration the considerable extra costs for re-routing the pipes.

    The best bathroom decorating idea is usually the simplest one, this means using few colors, usually one main color - like a SHADE OF WHITE or CREAM and one (or maximum two) strong color as your theme color - mainly to be used in your accessories, this will help bring your bathroom decorating idea and theme together.

Take a look at our bathroom accessory page to help you choose accessories to compliment your bathroom, this article will help you make your shopping list, just go to Bathroom Accessory for your bathroom decorating idea



Full length mirrors - basically they are popular for two main reasons, first of all they help to keep your bathroom bright by reflecting light around the room and secondly, they can be a very sensual addition.

Mirror tiles
A wonderful bathroom decorating idea and style statement, they also great for reflecting light, mirror tiles can be used in full lines around your bath and just above your sink or they can be incorporated sparodically by replacing just some of your existing tiles, both work to good effect.

Many Bathroom Vanity Cabinets now come with a heater behind the mirror of your vanity cabinet unit, this means that the mirror will never steam up, no matter how hot things get in your bathroom - great for shaving.

Don't overlook the design potential of Corner Toilet - this is a great bathroom decorating idea, especially for small bathroom spaces - this is an incredibly easy way to use up the space in the corner and free up more straight wall space.

For small bathrooms, the corner toilet may be just the answer you were looking for, you may now be able to fit in that luxurious whirlpool bath or sit-in shower cabin that you always wanted.

A great space saving bathroom design idea

THE LATEST TREND... If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom space you may decide on this latest trend for re-locating your bath tub, of course this idea is ideal for the roll top bath with its intricate legs to give your bathroom a period feel, but there are also many contemporary designs available which are ideal as a free standing bath...

So WHAT IS THE TREND? - to move your bath into the center of your bathroom. It then becomes a focal point and is said to indicate the height of bathroom luxury. It is one of those trends that you will have the space for or not - either love or hate.

To follow this bathroom decorating idea you will have to move the plumbing connections for the bath to the center of the room AND you will have to check that the joints in the floor of the center of the room are sufficient to support the weight of the bath - full of water and the weight of 2 people.

An advantage of the tub in the middle is the extra wall space which is freed up allowing for design effects, a feature wall, full length wall to wall - floor to ceiling mirrors or extra storage cupboards and bathroom cabinets.

A roll top bath is a good option for a smaller sized bathroom because as they are raised off the floor on feet, you can see the floor right to the wall and it will give you a sense of more space, it's a matter of taste and style - what would best go with the general decoration and style of your home.

OUR TOP TIP TUB OPTION You either love them or hate them, but a really brilliant option for small bathrooms where you like to soak in a tub but want to install a shower unit as well is to install a "Japanese Tub", these bathing tubs look great and you sit upright, rather like sitting in a hot tub, with your body comfortably immersed in the water.

This is will give your bathroom a luxurious feel, whatever the weather. Under floor heating systems are not much cheaper, easier to lay and more readily available. Imagine stepping out of the bath onto a warm floor. Get used to bathroom underfloor heating and you will never want to live without it...

A fully treated and sealed or even painted wooden bathroom floor is a real treat, a natural tone or white wooden floor is great with a lovely bathroom rug.

A tiled bathroom floor works really well with under floor heating.

Cushioned and rubber flooring tiles are now available in many wonderful colors and themes, you can even buy them looking like the sea or like sand on the beach. These cushioned tiles are comfortable to walk bare-feet on, they are easy to clean and are long lasting.

Probably one of the most popular additions to any sized bathroom is the shower cabin. The idea is that as well as the normal power shower facility, you can actually sit down and have your back massaged by water jets - very therapuetic and relaxing.

One of the hottest new ideas, you no longer have to wait in the queue for your partner to finish in the shower, the double shower enclosure allows space for installing two shower heads, one at each end. There is also a much better sense of space rather than some of the single enclosures which can be too small for a big person to move around comfortably in.

Smaller bathrooms can really benefit from the growing trend to install hanging sinks or a wall hung sink, these are attached directly onto the wall freeing up all the floor space underneath. All the pipes also fit directly into the wall behind so there is nothing to see. It's an advantage that you can choose the height of a wall hung sink, although for home resale purposes it's better to keep to something fairly standard and not too high that the kids can't reach.

In many hotels having two bathroom sink's has been the norm for quite a number of years, now this trend is big for the home bathroom. Installing two basins, a his and hers sink and area is an expected bathroom decorating idea luxury for homes of a certain size that are being sold as having had their bathrooms remodelled.

It's incredible the amount of thought that has gone into the bathroom tap in recent years, here's an idea of which way things are going. It's now trendy to have a single lever mixer tap, rather like the one you usually find in the kitchen. The next step is to mount the tap directly onto the wall above the sink, this is a bathroom decorating idea that is set to take off more in the coming years.

Chrome taps are still the most popular and perhaps the most practical. Brassware is still bought to emphasis period style bathrooms or to add eye catching contrast.


Nothing has changed in the bathroom as much as the bath itself. While still maintaining more or less it's original out look, the spa bath of today does so much more to help us cope with the stresses and strains of present day life.

Maybe the most luxurious bathroom decorating idea, imagine aromatic massaging presurized water jets easing your pains away and you relax soaking in your tub in the comfort of your own home.

Only a few years ago you would have had to go to a health center and pay quite a lot to get the benefit of a water spa, which you can now do from the comfort of your own home.

If you don't have a backyard space for a hot tub, the bathroom spa is perfect for you, of course it also allows you the privacy and tranquility that you might never attain in your own neighborhood backyard.

The more you improve your bathroom, the more you will enjoy being in it, you will therefore needs bathroom lighting options to suit your mood. To clean the bathroom or during bathtime for the kids you will probably want nice bright clear lights.

When it comes to some YOU time, there can be nothing better that soft lighting, together with the light of a few aromatic candles carefully placed and the sound of your favourite relaxing music

Many homes are now being built with surround sound installed and many older homes are being rewired to include it, by installing surround sound in your bathroom you will be totally up to date as well as giving yourself the luxury of soft ambiental music to help you relax in the tub.

Bathroom Colors

  • Take a look at our popular article on theme and color choices to help give you more ideas for your own Bathroom Colors

Remember, your bathroom doesn't have to be all marble and gold to look great, only include those facilities that you can comfortably fit into your bathroom without making it look too overloaded.

Try to stay within your bathroom budget, it isn't going to be easy with so many tempting expensive options, but you can pay a heavy price for going over-board with your Bathroom Decorating Idea.

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