Favourite Bathroom Colors

Here are some of our favourite Bathroom Colors and combinations to help you choose the scheme and theme for your own special bathroom makeover.

It's especially true in the bathroom, that simple designs and fewer colors will work the best. One main light color and one stronger contrasting color mainly used in your bathroom accessories will always give you a far better overall look.

A bathroom can look chic, whatever the size as long as you stick to one theme and don't try to overload it with colors, fittings, fixtures and accessories.

Who is your bathroom makeover really for?, this article covers...

  • The KID Bathroom - Is this the main bathroom for the whole family, including kids, if so, you can really have some fun here adding a theme, maybe even letting them paint a bathroom tile of their own. A fun kid bathroom will always make bath-time easier for parents.
  • The GUEST Bathroom - Are you going to decorate a guest bathroom, then you would probably be better going for a more sedate color scheme in tune with the general decoration of your home and possibly to co-ordinate with the decor of your guest bedroom.
  • The EN-SUITE Bathroom - Are you planning the decoration of your very own en-suite bathroom?, this can be decorated in a very personal way with bathroom colors and themes that are significant and have special meaning for you.

The KID Bathroom

Decorating your bathroom with a theme will help you decide on the colors to use and which bathroom accessories to choose.

What are possible themes for the the kid bathroom?, here are a few ideas to help you decide, if this is definitly a kid bathroom the color rule of one light color and one strong color will naturally be stretched.

Bathroom Colors THE SEA - you can buy floor covering that looks like ocean waves and water effect bathroom shower curtain.

This is a really easy theme to implement, it has already given you your main colors of blue and white, easy colors to find fun bathroom accessories for, like toothbrush holders, soap dish and to introduce big fluffy blue towels.

look for water effect tiles and shower curtain

Have a good look around for interesting toilet seat covers decorated with a sea theme. Blue and white is crisp and nice, also different shades of blue can be combined to great effect.

You can put up some blue bathroom curtains or blinds or even have fun spray painting the bathroom window to create frosted glass with blue and white ocean effects to give the bathroom privacy yet still allowing plenty of light to enter.

Other sea themes are sea life, sea horses, ships, sailing, whales, fish, manatee, water bubbles and dolphins.


Bathroom Colors THE SAND - If you just don't want to use blue how about the golden color of sand, this theme allows you to bring in any bathroom accessory which includes sea shells.

I saw a really lovely toilet seat cover the other day on which the lid was covered with sea shells and star fish, very pretty. A bathroom painted light cream and a rich mellow yellow would give you beautiful contrasts.

One of the main advantages of this theme is the warmth of the colors and a cosyness that is not lost even in the cold of winter.

yellows and golds for bathroom colors


Bathroom Colors BEACH BALLS - So, here is a multi colored theme which is perfect if you have younger kids in the house. You can even look for or make a hanging mobile to place over the bath.

Tone the theme down if you want to by choosing one of the primary colors in a beach ball to continue the theme with towels etc., or go crazy and use them all. Another good idea would be baloons...

beach ball bathroom theme


Bathroom Colors THE KITE - again, ideal if you are decorating your bathroom with younger children in mind, the kite can be one main color like red (or blue or green) which would be your strong color set against a white or cream background, or of course you could use 4 prime colors together.

Also a great bathroom theme for a hanging a kite mobile above the bath and also to extend the theme to the window with curtains or buying or making a matching pelmet from material or MDF.

bathroom kite color scheme


Bathroom Colors FLOWERS - perfect - if you decide on a sunflower theme to keep your bathroom nice and happy and bright... but not much good if you have a house full of boys!. You could use white, any shade of yellow and add some gold highlights, you could continue the sunflower theme over a few tiles in various places along the wall.

Of course flowers are not just a sugestion for the kid bathroom, they could look great in yours too !.

sunflower bathroom colors


The GUEST Bathroom

The theme for your guest bathroom will be easier for you to decide on as it usually reflects the color scheme that already exists in the rest of your home.

Traditionally a lot of pale yellow or peach was used to cover the walls in a guest bathroom or visitors closet. The latest trends are more towards a soft white as in a shade of white walls or light cream walls.

It's true that we tire of one solid strong color or even wallpaper in the small room, much quicker than when the walls are a softer paler shade - and it is much easier to buy colorful new accessories following a different theme than to re-paint or even re-tile the bathroom.

Introduce a strong contrasting color in the articles you use every day like towels, bathroom window shade, the toilet paper holder, the soap dish or bathroom soap dispenser and other bathroom accessories.

Plants are also a very important feature, especially in your guest bathroom, plants can be especially aromatic or good oxygen providers as well as being attractive in color and help to contribute to your overall bathroom colors theme.

The introduction of a wholly natural material is also important in preparing your bathroom, they don't have to be left in their natural form, you can paint or spray them to match your bathroom colors, for example a small cupboard or shelf, a painted wicker chair or painted basket to hold your soaps.

The Private EN-SUITE Bathroom

Like the guest bathroom, the en-suite should follow in some way, or at least by using a co-ordinating color scheme similar to the one you decided on for your bedroom.

In addition this is one area that you can add extra touches of luxury. You want your bathroom colors to look warm and welcoming and to be a calm and peaceful room where you can truly relax. Using a light or rich creme together with one strong color of the right tone will give you all the warmth you need.

If you have found some beautiful bathroom ceramic tiles that you absolutely fell in love with, then you already have the color scheme for your accessories and perhaps one or two contrast walls.

A white bathroom with a strong green can be very striking, these are colors that work very well together. A few accessories in green and some gold highlights also works well, add a beautiful oldie world look gilded frame for the mirror for added effect.

Maybe this list will give you some useful bathroom colors ideas of using cream with a strong color:-

  • cream and rich burgundy red
  • cream and navy blue
  • cream and dark green
  • cream and deep yellow
  • cream and brown
bathroom decorating


If you decide to keep your bathroom colors really bright, here are some possibilities of colors for accessories to be used against a white background:
  • white and teal
  • white and orchid
  • white and salmon
  • white and medium blue
  • white and deep orange
bathroom remodeling idea


If you use too many bathroom colors and add any of the paint effects on the walls which were particulary popular in the nineties, you are going to get tired of it much sooner AND the effect will not give you the beautiful serene bathroom that you dream of.

If you are preparing a special theme for your bathroom colors, try to make sure that you can get a hold of everything before you start, it will all come together much easier and quicker if you have everything you need to hand.

It really is a nice part of the project, finding all the different components which you like and which will bring your bathroom colors scheme together to make one chic, classic beautiful bathroom.


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