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Be Flamboyant!
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Bathroom Accessory

If you have abided by the popular pale wall colors to help make your bathroom seem more spacious and brighter, then now is the time to add color.

Each bathroom accessory you choose now will form part of the very individual character of your own bathroom design.

If you have already read our Bathroom Colors page you may have decided on a theme for your bathroom, this will make choosing accessories easier.

If you choose one of the popular water, sea or beach themes you can be assured that you will find many different bathroom accessories to suit. Check out some very exciting themes for children and demure and chic adult bathroom themes here at Bathroom Decorating Idea

The same applies if you have prepared a more sedate haven for your bathroom design, bathroom colors and bathroom accessory.

bathroom accessory picture

In this photograph, you can see some examples of bathroom soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and a shaving set holder. The bathroom accessory that sits on top of bathroom vanities is usually made of ceramic or plastic.

The silver and light green soap dispensers are plastic and work very well. I like being able to see through the green plastic at the contents.

I especially like the ceramic examples because of the strong, vibrant, reflective colors of the green and orange and the added gold paint highlights, these add a feeling of richness, warmth and glamour to your bathroom as well as helping brighten by reflecting color and light.

White and gold works beautifully in an all white bathroom.
However, if you have opted to paint your bathroom walls (or even just one wall as a contrast wall) a strong color, you might like to think about white and gold or cream and gold as bathroom accessory colors. If this options works at your home, you could end up with a very classy, individual and intimate bathroom.

Accessorize Bathroom Vanities

These accessories will be those we use daily so we are more likely to leave them readily available on our bathroom vanity.:

  • Toothbrush holder
  • Soap Dispenser or Soap Dish
  • Nail Brush
  • Flannel
  • Cotton Wool Holder
  • Shaving set holder

Bathroom Towels

By far the easiest purchase to add spashes of colors are the towels, if you are using only one main strong color, you could opt for a few different shades of your strong color for your towels, even variations like navy blue and medium blue and aqua. There is nothing quite like a stack of fluffy new towels to add an immediate sense of warmth to your bathroom.

Bathroom Accessory
- Color Opportunities

If you thought your bathroom was going to end up looking pale and insipid by following our recommendations for light toned walls, then take a look at the following list of possible assessories which you can use to really had color or a theme to you bathroom - and add these to those things aleady listed for bathroom vanities.

  • The toilet paper holder
  • The toilet brush
  • The bathroom picture and frame
  • The shower curtain
  • The bathroom curtain
  • Bathroom window Pelmet
  • Bathroom ceramic tiles
  • Bathroom rug
  • Bathroom light fixture
  • If you have space - the bathroom chair
  • Aromatic bathroom candles
  • Towel rails and hooks
  • Bathroom knicks and knacks baskets
  • The toilet seat - look out for the very different and exciting resin toilet seat ranges now available.

There is so much opportunity here to add warmth and individuality to your bathroom with each and every bathroom accessory you choose, helping it to look and feel the best it possibly can.

Natural Materials
- for a Trendy Look

  • Using natural materials gives a huge benefit to the look and feel of any bathroom design, size and bathroom color scheme.

    Distressed pine in white or pale colors give you shabby chic - darker woods give your bathroom a rich look and feel, but have you thought of using less common materials for your bathroom accessories?

    For something totally unique look out for beautiful banana leaf bath accessory sets - it's just an example of different materials you could choose - but the deep brown tones of dried banana leaf products really are beautifully offset by any white and cream bathroom tiling.

Try to choose those items that you and your family are going to need without overfilling your bathroom.

Choose colors and styles that compliment each other and your bathroom color scheme and theme.

Make up your list and you are ready for some really fun bathroom accessory shopping...

Modern Chrome Finishes

Modern chrome and stainless steel finishes are popular with modern bathroom decor mainly because they are clean lined and reflective.

An Over-Door Shower Caddy hangs over your shower door and are a great use of space, enabling you to stock your favourite items for both inside and outside the shower unit.

Interior shower grid baskets are perfect for your favourite shampoos and conditioners, soaps, razor etc. Hook are great for a washcloth and pouf.

The part of the caddy on the outside of your shower door should have more hooks for towels, or for your bathrobe - all very conveniently within easy reach.

To help you with your bathroom makeover and color and style choices here are some related information articles to make your bathroom remodeling and updating easier...

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