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Basement Design Idea

Choose a hot basement design idea for your next home improvement and financing project.

If you are looking for more living space in your home, it's time to look down into the cellar and plan for the perfect basement design idea to suit your home and the way you live.

Make the most use of all that unutilised real-estate and decide on a way to help you to increase the value of your home and provide much needed additional areas that will increase the quality of your home life.

Apart from housing pipes, cables and storing all the boxes full of things that you don't really use, a basement is often an empty space that extends to the whole length and breadth of your home, now that's a lot of space that you already own - wouldn't it be wonderful if you could develop this into an area that you and your family could actually spend quality time in and enjoy!

It's important to decide which basement design idea would be right for your home based on the way you and your family live, as well as assessing the size of available space and what it can viably be made into, keeping in mind that to make any room livable to code standards, it must usually have a minimum finished ceiling height of 7 1/2ft with small height exceptions often made in basement conversions for support beams and ducts.

With this in mind, don't rush to decide on a dropped ceiling to cover up obstructions, lowering the ceiling height in a basement remodeling usually makes the space far too oppresive for every day use, it is much more expensive to move pipework to a more convenient place but this can often help make the project a success.

  • The answer is to always get good professional advice before you start your basement design idea.

Start Basement Planning

You can find out the exact minimum measurements required for your area when you visit your local building department, something you should do in the very first stages of planning your basement design idea, to give you insight on, for example:

  • how you could cover in pipes and cables in your basement while still being acceptable to code for ceiling height
  • what is the minimum allowed gross floor space
  • the minimum height and width of basement access doors and emergency exit doors
  • how and where best to install an egress window, the required minimum depth of a window well, what is the minimum size that should be installed and how many you will need depending on the size of your basement remodeling idea and how many bedrooms you are planning to install.
  • and the required measurements of basement stairs

basement stair photo for basement design idea

One very important basement design idea tip - is to try to always exceed the minimum on all counts wherever possible and surpass the code requirements so that you end up with a very light and airy, comfortable basement space which you and your family enjoy spending time in and which exceeds all the safety requirements.

A basement design idea renovated with safety in mind is much more likely to be a welcoming environment, including the type of insulation and finishes you use for basement walls and ceilings as well as the all important installation of alarm systems.

To help you decide - here are some of the most popular basement remodeling ideas:

  • A Home Office - fast becoming one of the hottest home improvement projects...
  • A Children's Play and Study Room...
  • A surround sound Home Theatre...
  • Additional "Family Room" Living Space...
  • An En-suite Double Bedroom...
  • An all inclusive Guest Suite...
  • An Entertainment Area with Bar...
  • A full sized Home Gym...
  • A relaxing Sauna and Steam Room...

A Home Office

As more and more people are planning to work from home, the home office is rising high on the list of requirements for people looking for a new home, and this makes it a good choice for any home improvement project.

Traditionally Home improvement and financing projects over the past few years have been more directed at developing the attic space to provide an additional en-suite bedroom or office space, but if you work from home - having visitors access your office area by going all the way through your home has never been popular.

The basement as an area to be developed is the perfect solution - especially if it has or can be given a secure, direct exterior access, or can be accessed directly from the hallway entrance of your home.

Developing this basement design idea also means that you can insulate your basement with acoustic panels to help give you peace and quite to get your work done even when the kids are home.

A Children's Play and Study Room

With a growing family, the thought of being able to provide your children with their own area to safely play in and the space to study is very appealing.

What is very important in developing this as well as any other basement design idea is to make sure your renovation is up to code especially regarding emergency exits, security, adequate damp-proofing and ventilation.

A Home Theatre

Imagine a basement insulated for sound so that you can enjoy a loud action movie late into the night without disturbing your sleeping family.

As the price of big screen t.v's and dvd systems comes down, so the popularity of a home theatre as a basement design idea goes up.

Home theatre's once the domain of the rich and famous are now popping up in family homes up and down the country.

Additional "Family Room" Living Space

A good sized basement design idea can provide a number of family orientated living spaces as well as a cosy family room where you and your family can really relax - while the rest of your home remains guest perfect.

Depending on the size of your basement you could develop your family room design open planned or with degrees of separation by using partial walls and concertina doors enabling you to have different areas for various family activities, like watching the television or surfing the internet, as well as providing an additional bathroom to the list of your homes assets.

An En-suite Double Bedroom

Often an en-suite Double Bedroom is the choice for basement development, especially if in homes that have the type of attic construction (truss support framing instead of rafter roof framing) that is just not suitable for remodeling.

Being able to include a spacious double with en-suite as an additional bedroom - without having to build an actual extension - is a great "value" home improvement project when considering the cost of a problem free conversion with the potential of increased value of your home.

An extra double bedroom with en-suite can also provides your guests with a private space within your home without disrupting family life, or perhaps, if regulations allow - enable you to make a B & B income by utilazing the basement of your home.

A Guest Suite

Basements can convert into wonderful guest suites or even granny annexes, especially if they have an independent and direct garden access and plenty of natural light.

This is the most expensive basement design idea but could also pay dividends when you get your house re-valued.

What will be important in designing a full guest suite is to make full use of every inch of the space so that you end up with an independent basement apartment that feels light and spacious.

The minimum that you will need to include to make this conversion welcoming is a spacious and comfortable bedroom with an egress window or door, plenty of storage like a walk in closet, a full bathroom and a living room with an eat-in kitchen. The space under the stairs is often used simply for storage or laundry facilities but could also form part of the bathroom.

The only doors really required in this living space are to the bedroom and bathroom - otherwise, making this a wonderful open planned living space which could offer degrees of seperation with the clever use of partial walls and folding doors.

An Entertainment Area with Bar

If you entertain a lot and really value space for your own bar and pool table and juke box, perhaps you would consider this to be the best basement design idea for you and your home!.

An insulated basement entertainment space is ideal if you live in a colder climate where you can't make all year round use of an outdoor deck or patio area, or if your late night parties are a little too noisy for your neighborhood!.

Lighting requirements will be different for an entertainment area than for an office space or childrens play room, dimmer switches on recessed lighting will give you the ability to change the ambiente.

A surround sound music system will also be a must for a basement entertainment area as well as for a home gym...

A Home Gym, Sauna and Steam room

Many basement conversions have been successfully done to provide space for the ultimate home gym and often extending this healthy theme, by investing in your dreams might give you the added luxury in basement design ideas of having your very own sauna and steam room to help you relax after a work out.


Developing a basement design idea is attractive for many home owners who realise that a basement renovation that does not incur tricky problems is going to be - by far - much more cost effective than building an addition to your home.

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