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Hello there,

This page is about us - a group of professionals who have decided to write an informative web site to help you with your home improvement and financing projects...

and this is our story...

As a group our longstanding Friendships have come out of working together, in some cases for over 25 years. When you get into a routine of planning, building, finishing and decorating together, AND YOU ENJOY IT, it can get pretty hard to stop.

What have we been building over the last 25 years?, well here is an idea of the variety of different projects we have been lucky to work on together so far:

Homes, retail stores, open air night clubs, theatres, stage sets, access roads, animal corrals for cows and bison, stables for horses and donkeys, a theme park graveyard, fancy night clubs, luxurious wood finished bars, mexican themed bars and restaurants, industrial kitchens, refrigerating rooms, a BBQ Plaza for nearly 3,000 people, and much much more...

Here is a photograph of a project where we were dressing and decorating the interior of a building which we had built. The plan was for a luxurious rustic bar, here we had just started building up a centre bar and covering all the cement supports with wood.

about us project - building up the bar

And... here is a picture of the finished product, a bar that we are particulary proud of. With a stage at one end, it was host to the "New Supremes" and many other star entertainers, the sound and the atmosphere was perfect. Outside we built a huge wrap around porch and decking on three sides, ideal for those hot summer nights

project completed - a luxurious rustic bar

Whenever we all get together we always end up with great new ideas for the project in hand. Now, usually the project would be to build something or improve something or other, but one such gathering turned into an especially long meeting...

Our discussion went right on after the coffee and sandwiches and onto the beer, along the lines that we, combined, had a decent amount of knowledge (although you can never know enough!) and quite a vast amount of experience, so...

We decided that... we wanted our own web site. This is a different sort of something that we wanted to build, in the hope that our knowledge and experience might help others..., we wanted to share. But building a web site was one of the things we didn't exactly know how to do.

So, we researched information high and wide on how to make a web site and we found a lot of people who wanted a lot of money for a small fixed site that we would have little or no control over and couldn't update or change ourselves, we discovered that there was NO flexibility in those so called free sites.

For a good while the only thing that came out of our searches was a growing list of our own criteria. By deciding what we didn't want we were able to decide how we wanted our site to develop - into a friendly informative web site written in easy to understand english.

We also wanted to provide basic home improvement finance and insurance information, as a preliminary to you sorting out your own personal funding options, based on your own unique situation, with your financial advisor.

Finances are always related to home improvement projects in one way or another, and they have to be sorted first so that you can get on with the build.

We also wanted to be able to provide a section where we could invite our readers to share their building or remodeling experiences on our web site, how they succeeded with their project, what problems they overcame and how they resolved them, all with a view to helping others who were looking for information.

We wanted to be hands-on with our site, without having to learn all the HTML stuff, we wanted to add a picture, edit text and add on more pages as we went along, whenever we could or wanted to and there was only one way - We found the Perfect Solution - take a LOOK.


We hope you enjoy our website as much as we enjoy writing it...

All success to you in your home improvement endeavours

With Best Building Wishes


end of a busy day

end of another busy day...

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