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Home Improve E-zine, Issue #009 -- Monthly Newsletter - invest in your nest in 2006
November 18, 2005
Home Improve E-zine

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It's not worth spending any time or money on a project
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Invest in your Nest in 2006


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The sudden changes in weather from around the globe has helped create a dust storm of people heading off to their local paint supplier, in fact I have to admit that I have spent most of my time lately painting and getting paint off my hands.

Cold damp and wet weather are great reminders that any metal work, iron bars and fencing that are showing signs of rust with unsightly orange stains - are just going to look a lot worse if they have to go through another wet winter without protection.

So if like me - and many of my friends you have left this job until now... it really is time to get out the iron brush and sand paper to clean off the rust and then paint on two good coats of Hammerite while you still can...

Happy Painting


  • Plumber, carpenter, painter - candlestick maker...
  • Home Office Locations
  • Basement Assessment for Remodeling
  • Home Improvement Show Calender for December 2005...
  • In Next Months Issue...
  • Welcome New Subscribers
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Enjoy your home improvements and as always, it's safety first with all the planning, measuring and time you need to work well.


Plumber, Carpenter, Painter - Candlestick Maker...

We had so many people write to us about starting their own Web site during the coming long winter evenings - about themes such as home improvements, decorating houses carpentry, plumbing and also a whole lot of other great ideas that were not home improvement and financing related at all...

The main doubts that many of these Home Improve E-zine readers have is that (1) they couldn't leave their full time job and (2) they couldn't write in the HTML computer language!

So just to set their minds at ease -

(1) - let me tell you that you should NOT leave your full time job - at least until you are confident with -and get a good income from your up and running on-line business, when you start out - use your free time to develop your own Web site.

(2) - I couldn't write any HTML when I started - I wanted a site building system that would do that for me - so I would just have to write articles. The other important factor for me was that I still wanted control, i.e. to be able to write or edit pages whenever I wanted to - and in 2004 the company I found was the only one who met my requirements and as we approach 2006 - it is still the best one that really enables you to build a Web site of your own with all the friendly support you need.

If, like these people, you have been thinking about it over the last month - take another look at the information article that we prepared and scroll down to "case studies", to read about other peoples experiences making a web site using the same all in one web site building tool that I did - and while you are there grab a copy of one of the easy to read and understand Courses - they don't cost anything but your time to read them and get the insight you need to get started now Make your own Web site this winter


Home Office Locations

Having an office at home has suddenly shot up on the list of requirements of people looking for a new home...

What we really want from a home in 2006 is...

  • A light and spacious eat in kitchen with up-to-date cabinets (and a pantry or larder)
  • A bright easy to clean Bathroom with white suite and underfloor heating! (and no carpet!)
  • The amount of bedrooms is high on the list - without having to use one as a...
  • Home Office (not a space under the stairs)
  • Master Bedroom with en-suite
  • Spacious inviting living areas
  • A home theatre...

these are some of the main modern day requirements.

It was acceptable in recent years to shove a computer in the corner of your living area or even in your bedroom - but... as more and more people are opting to work from their own homes instead of spending hours in the traffic to work for someone else...

The idea of having a space in the home dedicated to the "Home Office" has really become important. The costs of commuting, hassles at the workplace, the threat of pandemics wiping out a good percentage of the worlds population - weigh heavily against all of the benefits of staying home and being able to spend more time with the family.

Many people now make great use of technological advantages that mean that as long as they have a computer connection - they can work from anywhere - but while that place is in the home - we now expect a space where you can swing more than a cat!, an area where we can comfortably spend most of the day.

The most obvious places to convert into offices spaces have been...

  • Attic Conversions - either for a master bedroom with en-suite which enables you to move your office into one of the other bedrooms... or to take over the whole space for your office and if you are lucky to put in external stairs to make a direct entrance

  • The basement - usually the store room for all the things you only use once a year - or never, the biggest challenges are the available height of this valuable space and overcoming dampness. However the benefits of using your basement - especially if you can give it natural light and direct access - are enormous.

    Why not take a look around your home to try to find a "real" space that you could move your work into or develop to suit your needs in 2006.


    Basement Assessment for Remodeling

    Find out it you are sitting on a gold mine by giving your basement area a self assessment before you go to the expense of calling in the experts - take a look at Basement Assessing for Remodeling


    Home Improvement Events Calender for November - DECEMBER 2005

    Here is our list for December 2005

    There is still time before you prepare the Thanksgiving Turkey - to get out and about to some great home improvement shows early in December, so have a look at our list to make sure you don't miss an event near you Home Improvement Show in December

    p.s. it's interesting to note that many shows now do online ticket purchases costing considerably less than the "at the door" prices...

    ***Please always use the contact internet links or the telephone numbers where available to confirm date and venue before attending any home improvement show.***

    Still time to check up on events during the second half of November 2005 with our listings for Home Shows in November



  • In Next Months Issue

    Throughout the year we are going to put different projects under the microscope. If you are ready to get down to the nitty gritty and begin exploring the potential TOP and BOTTOM of your home...

    - then look out for the December Issue 010 of Home Improve E-zine for vital information on door and window insulation and a review of energy efficient appliances for your home and mainly for your kitchen.


    Welcome New Subscribers

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    I hope you will continue to enjoy our ideas, tips and articles throughout the year. Please pass the information about our e-zine onto any of your family or friends who are especially interested in home improvement to improve the quality of their home life and/or to improve the value of their home.


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