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Home Improve E-zine, Issue #001 -- Monthly Newsletter - plan your 2005 home improvement remodeling
March 15, 2005
Helping you build your dreams come true in 2005

Home Improvement Quandary? lets nail down the Options


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Hi Everyone and welcome to this month's issue of Home Improve E-Zine, in this our first ever issue, we are concentrating on home improvement preparations, but first we take a glance over our shoulders at the beginning of the year for a quick review of the hottest home improvement xmas gifts and then it's onto "PREPARING FOR YOUR BIG SUMMER PROJECT - Winter and the beginning of spring being the ideal time to prepare for your summer 2005 home improvement project.

Don't miss the home improvement SHOW agenda for the remainder of March and April to make sure you can attend an event near you and get all the home improvement inspiration you may ever need.

Enjoy your home improvements and as always, it's safety first with all the planning and time you need to work well.


  • Our Ultra Easy Tip Top Tip...
  • January & February, 2005 - Hottest D.I.Y. Xmas Gifts... but have you used them yet?
  • Your Home Improvement Calender -Planning your Project by using the winter to prepare for the best summer building weather...
  • Evaluate your home for improvement - find out what might be the best project for you and for your home in 2005...<
  • Small Project Ideas for your Home...
  • Home Improvement Book Review 2005...
  • Home Improvement Events Calender for mid-March to end April...
  • In Next Months Issue...
  • Welcome New Subscribers
  • Copyright, Subscription and Back Issue information...


Our Ultra Easy Tip Top Tip

Our Tip Top Tip of the month is to make yourself a whole load of wooden wedges using up any spare odds and ends of wood you have lying around. This is a great little job for the winter, give them all a quick coating of protection and they are ready to use during the year, when ever you need them. It's difficult for us to imagine a job when the odd wedge has not helped us out and solved an ever-so-slight horizontal or vertical problem for us. Modern name is "Packers" and plastic ones can now be bought.

Wooden Wedges - easy and priceless when it's just what you need.

Why not share your own Tip Top Tip, send it in so that we can print it for everyone to see next month, it's easy to do here at E-zine Contribution Page


Did you use your gift in January & February 2005

So what were (in our honest opinion) the Hottest D.I.Y. Xmas Gifts of 2004...

No.1 BOOKS - Still the number one home improvement gift. Family and friends like to give a good 500 - 600 page home improvement book with full color photos and informative drawings and enthusiasts love to receive them - and the choice gets better every year.

No.2 LASER LINES - Laser's to make straight level lines i.e. for your datum line. (These include the hand held, stick on the wall and clip on a stand varieties.)

No.3 STUD FINDERS - Another electronic machine comes in third with the handy little stud finder. If you got one of these little beauties did you go around your house putting little marks where the studs where? (talking from experience) or did you go buy a picture just so that you could hunt a stud to hang it up on...

No.4 SOFTWARE - Dedicated software beats the full home packages, more people seem to have received bathroom design software or kitchen design and deck design software all at under $50.00, interestingly when the home improvement enthusiast buys software for her/himself they tend to go for the bigger all in one packages to last them project after project.

No.5 TOOLS - The Drill comes up trumps as the top tool gift. I don't know about anyone else but I love to get a new quality drill, whether it be electric or battery operated, I use them all and look after them well. I just wish that my drill bits lasted as long.

No.6 WORKBENCH - These larger items can now be ordered and delivered on-line and probably the convenience of this has resulted in a rise in sales, not at the top of our list but still doing well. If you have any project on the go... you just can't have enough surfaces or places where you can glue and clamp or grip and saw.

If you received a home improvement / D.I.Y. gift this Christmas - have you used it yet or is it still in the box!!! Let us know your answer - it's easy to do here at our E-zine Contribution Page


Your Home Improvement Calender
(For clarity we use: June Summer starts and November winter begins)

March 2005

The winter period is the perfect time to complete smaller home tasks within the home AND is also the time to prepare well for any larger Projects you plan to start in the summer of the following year.

It's always best to start early - depending on the finances you need and the size of the project you want to begin. Winter is a great time to talk to:

Surveyors - get your home checked, both it's good points and it's problem areas and how your planned project will be affected.

Architects - professionally develop your ideas with the plans you need for your local planning office, if it applies - check to see what your neighbours have done for more ideas.

Permits - once you have poured over, changed and checked your plans submit them for building permissions soon as possible, try to find out how long the delay is in your area and don't forget to include "like" improvements in other homes in your area which may have set presidence for the type of improvement you intend to do.

Your Money Lender - Impress your money lender - get in there early with all of your paperwork prepared. Show that you fully understand the structure of your home, the work you plan to do, the time it will take and or course, very importantly, what are the expected cost parameters, i.e. how much you need to complete your project. ALSO as well as thinking pre-project it's always useful to have some post-project examples available - especially relevant if another home in your area was similarly improved and had been re-valued - showing how much your project could improve the value of your home.

Impressing your money lender is one thing BUT just as importantly... do they impress you !. They have to be the right company with the right terms for you - if you want to read more about this take a look an article here at Home Improvement Financing Options

Neighbours - regarding their experiences and which Contractor they used - this information good AND bad is worth its weight in gold.

Contractors - check recommendations, visit examples of works done at home near yours, get in at least 4 - 5 different quotes. (there are some very good books available on how to handle your contractor) There are some very good and some very bad - take your time to find the right experienced contractor with an experienced team.

By the Easter holidays you may well be relaxed enough to enjoy your chocolate egg and time with the family, knowing that everything is ready for your scheduled start date, see you in April.

Do you have some handy home improvement preparation tips to share ?, we would sure like to hear from you for next months issue... it's easy to do here at our E-zine Contribution Page


How to Evaluate your home for improvement

Find out what might be the best BIG project for you, your family and for your home in 2005, take a walk with us around your home to help give you some ideas.

  • The Attic If you have a loft or an attic you are already lucky. If you have access, you will probably be using it for storage but what if you could have an extra bedroom with en-suite (the HOTTEST LOFT CONVERSION) or a home office area (Becomming more and more popular and necessary)Floors can be strengthened, velux windows to give natural light - but the BIG ATTIC QUESTION IS... do you have a rafter framed roof or is the support based on trusses. If you've got Rafters - that's good. But if you've got Trusses an attic conversion is probably not for your home.

  • The small Bedroom Do you have the perfect "box" bedroom that could become:-

    A. Part shower room part space for the stairs to continue up into your attic ??
    B. An en-suite to your master bedroom
    c. Re-wired to accommodate the latest equipment for your home office

  • An Addition Some homes are just crying out for an addition to be built onto the back or side... I just love to walk into a home and find it magically much bigger inside, going on and on with open living spaces. Probably the most popular is the kitchen/dining area extension as it's easiest to extend into the garden and this gives way to an easy additional upstairs tiolet above.

  • The Sunroom The easiest and can be the cheapest way to give your home more living space. Does your home have the right free space with a nice southernly aspect from which you will be able to enjoy your garden, the sun and sunset ?. You could plan a complete D.I.Y. project, work with a friendly contractor or contract the whole job.

  • The Garage Yes, homes are usually known to have more value if they provide off street parking / workshop / storage in the form of a garage. Still needs planning and good 4ft foundations though, but it can be one of the easier projects.

  • The Basement It's such a good development project but remember - There are so many factors to take into consideration before you can tell if preparing your basement for living is a viable option for you. Things from dampness to cieling height, to the depth of the foundations of your home can affect this development. Only the professionals can tell you after an indepth survey (including digging a big hole!!).

  • Decking A great project for the summer and one that can pull together design differences in your home and give it a more "together" aspect. This is also a project that you can add to over the years. You can try a simple deck yourself or get a contractor in to just build up the frame work for you - the most structurally important and difficult part, so that you can finish it off. A deck build A-Z by a professional is just beautiful.

Here is another Tip Top Tip for your

Local estate agents are also usually ahead of the trend curve for your area and may know how certain improvements may have positively or even adversely, affected the value of like homes near where you live.

Perhaps you have other, favorite home improvement ideas for projects that you would like to share, please right in and let us know - it's easy to do here at our E-zine Contribution Page


Small Project Ideas for your Home

THIS MONTH'S SMALLER PROJECT Making an attractive cupboard front to cover something unsightly.

Here is an idea for covering water pipes that were left behind when a kitchen was moved. They are just from a water heater so could be moved but the owner was looking for a quick, temporary solution.

The result is a double door cupboard FRONT (not the whole cupboard) covering that still allows easy access to the pipes if necessary. This cover could easily be moved and used elsewhere in the future. The color and style is to fit in with the owners existing furniture.

First we measured the approximate area that the pipes extended over so that we could prepare four pieces of wood to size - to make a rectangle frame. Next we prepared the inner doors which we based on two smaller frames, each with a lattice center, this gives the cupboard a lighter look and feel. The frame and doors were first given a sponge over of wood green tint to match existing furniture in the room, the doors were then attached with "antique look" hinges and small drop ring handles to finish off the affect.

Next - we screwed top and bottom two pieces of wood (slightly smaller than the height of the rectangle) to form an L, these we then offered up to the wall carefully measuring the distance between the two L's to match the outer edge of the frame (and making sure they were level). The bottom flat face of the L was screwed to the wall - top and bottom, (this gave us enough distance from the wall to accommodate the necessary space for the pipe works) and we then screwed the frame onto the top part of the L - eeee.... whallllah ""

I know it may not be easy to follow and believe me it's quite difficult to explain in few words... if you want me to post a few pictures (which speak louder) to help explain this project please just let me know though the e-zine contribution page and I will post detailed pics for you.

you propably know by now that I am going to offer you the opportunity to send in your favourite small projects so that together we can give more ideas to more home improvement enthusiasts - it's easy to do here at our E-zine Contribution Page


Home Improvement Book Review 2005

We have just completed a new book review - February - March 2005 on which are - in our opinion - the best home improvement books currently available. Please take a look and see what you think, hopefully our review will help you when you are trying to decide which ones to buy.

Home Improvement Book Review 2005

At the same time we would welcome your opinion on these and other home improvement books for next months issue - it's easy to do here at our E-zine Contribution Page


Home Improvement Events Calender for mid March - end April, 2005
If you are looking for 1,000's of the best and latest home improvement products AND Home Remodeling Experts all under the same roof, then you need a Home Improvement Show.

Simply look for a home show that interests you near where you live and then click on the link at the end of the list for more detailed information...

p.s. it's interesting to note that many shows now do online ticket purchases costing considerably less than the "at the door" prices...


The 23rd Annual Westchester County Home Show
White Plains NY
March 08-10, 2005


Home Improvement Show
Gibralter Trade Center
March 04-06, 2005


The 3rd Annual Midwest Builders Show & Conference
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, IL
March 16-17, 2005


The 52st Annual New Orleans Home and Garden Show
Louisiana Superdome
Sugar Bowl Drive
New Orleans, LA
March 17-20, 2005


Central New York Home and Garden Show
The Center of Progress Building
& the Cargil Building
Syracue, NY
March 17-20, 2005


The 42nd Annual WBAY Home and Garden Show
Brown County Veteran Memorial Arena & ShopKo Hall
Green Bay, WI
March 17-20, 2005


The Home Design and Garden Show
The Alerus Center
Grand Forks, ND
March 18-20, 2005


The Western Carolina Home Show
Asheville, NC
March 18-20, 2005


West Palm Beach Home & Garden Show
South Florida Expo Center
South Florida Fairgrounds
West Palm Beach, FL
March 18-20, 2005


The 2005 Builders Home Improvement Show
Saline Farm Council Grounds
Saline, MI
March 18-20, 2005


Southeastern Connecticut Home & Garden Show
Conneticut College,
New London, CT
March 18-20, 2005


The 81st Realtors Home and Garden Show
Wisconsin Exposition Center
State Fair Park
Weat Allis, WI
March 25 - April 03, 2005
(Closed Easter Sunday March 27-29)


The 2005 Omaha Home and Bulders Show
Qwest Center
Omaha, NE
March 31 - April 03, 2005


The Spring Ideal Home Show
and Ideal Garden & Patio Show
Exhibition Park
Halifax, NS
April 01-03, 2005


Pheonix Home Improvement & Garden Show
Pheonix Civic Plaza
Pheonix, AZ
April 01-03, 2005


The Houston House Beautiful Show
Reliant Center
Houston, TX
April 01-03, 2005


The Central Florida Home & Garden Show
Orange County COnvention Center
Orlando, FL
April 01-03, 2005


The 39th Annual Arrowhead Home and Builders Show
Duluth, MN
April 06-10, 2005


The 29 Annual Home Remodeling and Decorating Show
The Pasedena Conference Center
Pasadena, CA
April 08-10, 2005


The 12th Annual Yuba City Total Home, Garden and Recreation Show
Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds
Yuba City, CA
April 08-10, 2005


The National Home Show
National Trade Center
Exhibition Place
Toronto, ON
April 08-17, 2005


The 29th Annual Home Remodeling and Decorating Show
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
April 15-17, 2995


San Jose Home & Garden Show
San Jose Convention Center
San Jose, CA
April 15-17, 2005


ChicagoLand Home Expo
McCormick Place
Chicago, IL
April 22-24, 2005


The Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference
Pennyslyvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA
April 27-30, 2005


Builders St. Charles Home & Garden Show
St. Charles COnvention Center
St. Louis, MO
April 29 - May 01, 2005


The Midwest Home Expo
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, IL
April 29 - May 01, 2005


To help you plan ahead...

We have provided more home improvement show details than you see here, with hours, costs and links at our home show page here at Home Show Calender on that page simply follow the link for the month and the show that you are interested in...


  • In Next Months Issue 002

    Throughout the year we are going to put different projects under the microscope, next month we are going to take on the challenging task of evaluating the ATTIC (the month after the BASEMENT). If you are ready to get down to the nitty gritty and begin exploring the potential TOP and BOTTOM of your home - then look out for the April Issue 002 of Home Improve E-zine


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