Home Improvement and Financing

Find out why less people are moving house this year and why more are choosing Home Improvement and Financing options instead

If you want to choose the right improvements to benefit your own lifestyle and improve the comfort within your home as well as benefit your pocket then you have come to the right place!

Discover Home Improvement Financing that suits you - to improve the value of your biggest asset by reinvesting in your home.

We have been proclaiming the benefits of Improving Your Home Instead of Moving for many years and many more families are now looking for innovative ways of creating more space within their present homes to fit changing needs and lifestyles and they are actually getting the extra square footage as well as improving the value of their homes.

More and more homeowners are aware that to make any type of home improvement and financing investment count towards improving the value of your home - all works MUST meet YOUR local building code and be eligible for complete local authority certification as well as come with a guarantee from any professionals working in your home.


You will find articles with information and tips on different aspects of home improvement and financing to help you make the right choice to suit your home, your family and your budget.

At the end of each article you will find links to more articles that we have prepared for you on the same home improvement topic.

  • The right sort of home improvement and financing is crucial to your home improvement success - if you finance your project correctly, the interest on your payments may even be tax deductible!!

People are catching the Home Improving bug for a number of different reasons. Taking a good look around your home to see how you can adapt it to your changing lifestyle has become one of the favourite pastimes for homeowners on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • If your wish list takes you up into the attic or a new addition at the side of your home then you can be sure you'll enjoy the outcome of your Home Improvement and Financing extension.

Encouraged by the evergrowing number of television programs showing us all what we can do with a bit of mdf and a tin of paint, to make the best use of our available space and indeed to create more space as well as updating and decorating, has become the housing trend.

But this is more than just a trend, as a direct result of rising property prices, high relocations costs and our desire to stay within our own community and church, and stay near to family and friends are just some of the reasons why we are deciding to work more with what we already have by enhancing our home.

The boomer generation may be relieved to know:- statistics show that more of us are opting to stay close to family and friends and in the neighborhood that we probably grew up in and know so well.

However, when it comes to home improvement remodeling, all generations should choose a careful balance between home improvement "investments" and home improvement "luxuries" in our quest for the better quality of life or easier way of living that we pursue. Many home owners have their very own wish list to make their home more comfortable, more functional, more convenient and/or simply more aesthetically pleasing.

  • If you feel it's time that you had your very own hot tub surrounded by your very own gazebo at your home, then it's time to think Home Improvement and Financing.

We are still helped in our home improvement and financing endeavours by the fact that not only is the cost of materials cheaper, but that there is also a much wider selection of materials, more readily available to us than ever before.

Of course as every home is different your project will depend
on certain factors like location, climate, indoor space and size of outdoor space - if it has a garden or yard, the age of the building, the style of the building, how many floors, if it has an attic, do you plan on extending, maintaining and/or repairing. Your project is very personal to you, your circumstances, your needs and your home.

Please take a look at our numerous "How to" articles which are full of information, pictures and drawings designed to help you with your home improvement and financing projects.

Before you get out your tools, mix the cement, begin construction or start any Home Improvement Remodeling, even before we start to talk about your projects action lists, please give special consideration to the following:

Remodel to Add Value

- Will your project be the best choice reinvestment for your home?. Consider the present value of your home and add a high estimation cost for your project. Then compare the total to other homes with similar specifications that are for sale in your area, how would your home then fair if you decided to put it on the market?.

  • Remodeling for a more ECO friendly and energy efficient home is also top of the list of home improvement renovations, you should aim for the multi benefit effect of adding value, decreasing your utility bills and improving the quality of home life by making your home a more comfortable space to live in. Read our section on Home Energy to find out more.

Remodeling for Quality of Life

- Will your project increase your comfort and lifestyle? consider how it will benefit you and your family's daily life. If it is to add a home office for example, then it is a fairly safe bet that if you were to sell your home at a later stage.

Find out from local real estate agents what are the new demands from people looking for homes, for example... a pantry is still HOT on the list of requirements, combined with a with spacious eat in kitchen and a kitchen island, also with the growing trend to work from home a designated computer area or home office is now a definite beneficial selling point for many prospective buyers.

Getting Your Plan Approved

- Have a look around your neighborhood to see what's already been done to houses similar to yours. As long as your neighbors DID get planning permission - this may give you more ideas for your own project and tell you what work is most likely to be more easily approved.

  • Approval, no-one can afford to ignore the paperwork. When you spend time and money on your home you want that investment to be reflected in an increased property value, this can only be achieved with planning permission and the resulting corresponding certificates which will be required if you later sell your home.

Getting Your Finances in Place

- Home Improvement and Financing outlines different financing options for your home improvement project. The financing that best suits you will of course depend on your circumstances. The articles on this site are designed to help you consider all the financing options that are available in preparation for discussing your situation with your own financial advisor.

Home Improvement and Financing Insurance

- find out why you need insurance cover and what exactly you need it for. Just click on Homeowner Insurance for further information.

Home Improvement and Home Remodeling can change the quality of your life and adapt your home to your changing lifestyle in a relatively short space of time with good planning and clever financing.

Here at Home Improvement and Financing, we have prepared the following information articles to help you with your home improvement projects, so don't forget...

As always - safety comes first and then... plan, finance, measure, measure again, trim, build and enjoy!

Best Building Wishes to You



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